Cross Country

From October to March, Red Rose Road Runners compete in the Mid Lancs Cross Country League against numerous clubs from across Lancashire. The competition is split into a number of leagues which clubs complete for promotion and avoid relegation. Individual honours are also up for grabs.

The races are held on a Saturday, are free to enter, and normally organised by competing clubs. Prior to running you will need to register, this can be done on the day, or by speaking to one of the club cross country captains. Once registered, your number is valid for the rest of the season. Club kit must be worn for these races (you are reminded that all members are required to wear a club vest, short or long sleeve top in all competitions).

For more information, see the Mid Lancs League website.


There are 4 senior categories for men and women, and a number for juniors (U11’s to U20’s). Each category has 1 or more leagues were runners compete to score points for the team.

Senior First 6 of any age to count
Vet 40 First 4 over 40 to count
Vet 50 First 3 over 50 to count
Vet 60 First 3 over 60 to count
Senior First 3 of any age to count
Vet 35 First 3 over 35 to count
Vet 45 First 3 over 45 to count
Vet 55 First 3 over 55 to count

There are also individual prizes are available in each category.


In divisions with 7 teams, 1st team 7 points, 2nd team 6 points… 7th team 1 point. For all other leagues, 1st team 10 points, 2nd team 9 points… 9th team 2 points, any remaining teams 1 point.

If there are not enough runners to form a team, no points are scored. Where a club fields enough runners to from 2 teams, they will also score points for a ‘B’ team.

Overall pints total calculated form the best 4 finishes from the 6 races.

Individual Winners

Overall position is calculated from the lowest 4 positions, with vet positions calculated to only include eligible runners.

2015 / 2016 Races

Men and women compete in separate races and distances. The men’s race is approximately 10km, and the women’s 6km. There are also junior races held throughout the day.

Date Location Results
The women’s races begin at 14:00 and men’s at 14:30 (except Liverpool, where women start at 13:20 and men at 14:00).
26th Sep Astley Park, Chorley
24th Oct Towneley Park, Burnley
28th Nov Sefton Park, Liverpool
16th Jan Wilson’s Palying Fields, Hyndburn
13th Feb Rossall School, Cleveleys
5th Mar Worden Park, Leyland