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News: Change is on its way

We have a nice problem.  We are growing and that is good.  We are here to encourage people to enjoy running and get some fulfillment out of it so the more members we have the better.  It comes at a price though.  We need to process and maintain all our membership records and that is a growing administrative task.  We need to simplify and transfer some of the burden from our volunteers to you, the member.

We are going to make some changes that will mean that you as a member have a little more work to do.  The main points are:-

  • We will make a distinction between joining for the first time and re-joining.  When you join for the first time you will give us all your data which we will then enter on the England Athletics Portal and then you will be invited to pay.  When you rejoin you will just be invited to pay.
  • You will become responsible for maintaining your own personal details on the England Athletics Portal.
  • The club will rely on the data held by England Athletics.  If they have the wrong data then so will we.
  • We will cease to use PayPal and instead invite you to pay your fees direct to England Athletics.  They use a service provided by a company called PayZip.  You will get an invitation to re-join through PayZip.  Our guess is that PayZip emails will initially get lost in your Junk Email folder.  Check it and make sure PayZip emails are trusted.
  • This transition will take a little time and we shall have both the old and the new systems running alongside each other for a time.  Our ambition is to have the process complete before Christmas 2019.  Place your bets!

In the meantime, read on.

Already a member and want to rejoin?

The process is currently the same for joining and rejoining.  Please do enter the details on your form carefully.  It causes no end of bother if you get your date of birth or name wrong.

When you are ready then goto Step 2 in the table below.

Want to Join for the first time?

Step 1: Make your mind up. Come to a taster run, talk to people, understand the fees and benefits, read our Privacy Policy as well as all the other small print at the bottom of this page.
Step 2: Choose on-line or paper entry. Fill in your form. On-line Entry
PayPal payment
or Print & Post Entry
Payment by cheque
Step 3: Got stuck? If you have any questions or problem using either the on-line or paper forms then please contact us, or call 07947 133821 and speak to John.
Step 4: Wait a little and check your Spam folders. Generally we process membership applications in a day or so.  However, from time to time the Membership Secretary leaves his desk and wanders off for a while for a bit of respite from the grind of Red Rose Admin. Who knows – this may be such a time. However, do not be dismayed, all entries will be processed in a week or two and backdated to the date on the entry form. England Athletics Affiliation payments will be processed likewise. So, please be patient and give us 10 days before sending up flares, sounding trumpets or weeping into your pillow.


Whether you are a novice or experienced runner, there are many benefits to joining Red Rose Road Runners.

Beginners get encouragement and confidence to go further with support from fellow runners. More competitive runners receive discounted race entry, and will enjoy pitting themselves against fellow club members in a number of club and external competitions.

Affiliated Red Rose members benefits include:

  • Discounts on kit and services.  See Links for more details
  • 12 free races a year (6 cross country and 6 Inter Club)
  • £2 discounted race entry at most races

Members are not required to compete in races, you may just want to come along for the social aspect, but many runners enjoy the challenge of setting and beating their goals while racing.


Club membership runs from the 1st April to the 31st March of the following year.

The normal Adult membership fees for 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 will be £22.00  Junior membership remains free.  Free Junior Membership does not include the England Athletics Affiliation fee.

Standard membership costs:

Adults (to end of March 2020) £22.00
Juniors (under 16 at 1st Apr 2017) ** Free
Juniors including EA Affiliation (optional for under 16) ** £15

The Adult membership fee includes your £15 England Athletics Affiliation fee as long as you are a First Claim Club member of Red Rose.

If you have any membership queries, please contact us, or speak to John Rogerson (07947 133821).

** Please note that Junior members must be accompanied at all Red Rose events and training sessions by a parent or legal guardian who must be a current club member.


We welcome junior (U16) members but currently must insist that a parent or guardian is a member of the club and that the parent or guardian accompany the child to all sessions and take full responsible for the child at all times. The club cannot take responsibility for safeguarding children and we have to make it a condition of joining that a parent (or legal guardian) is responsible for the safety and well-being of the child.  That said, we do have a safeguarding policy and endeavour to make the Junior training sessions, age appropriate, safe, and enjoyable.

The 2016 AGM voted to keep Junior membership free but to affiliate Junior members only if they pay the £15 England Athletics affiliation fee.  So if you are a Junior and want to compete in the Mid Lancs Cross Country, the Interclub series or get a discount on normal race entry fees then you now need to be affiliated.  Note that there are different age restrictions for these races and you might want to learn about those before deciding if you want to be affiliated.  See our See FAQ number 2.3.

Prospective Members

New runners are welcome to join us for a couple of training runs before deciding whether to join. We have new members coming along nearly every week. For more information see our Training page, or find us on Facebook.

Previously a member of a different Club?

England Athletics have mandated a process for athletes moving between affiliated clubs. This process is described on their website in the section on Affiliation and Registration.

Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that may affect your ability to take part in club activities then you should seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner.