Kit and Clothing


We have changed the way we provide club branded kit and clothing. We used to order batches of items and distribute them ourselves but there were many downsides to that approach not least of which was the level of volunteer effort needed to manage the operation.  As the club grows larger that approach is simply untenable.

We now have an arrangement with a company who will take on-line orders and ship direct to the member. The shop is now fully open.

Initial teething troubles with erratic lead time have been solved.  It used to be the case that the shop ordered items from the manufacturer in batches of 10.  So if you were unlucky and ordered your item just as the stock was exhausted you would have to wait until 9 other people ordered the same item in the same size.  Now the shop orders once a month with a manufacturer lead time of upto a month.  That means you may still hit unlucky and have to wait 8 weeks but that should be a maximum.

When ordering we strongly advise that you measure yourself and buy from the measurements on the shop size chart.

We still have a significant investment in some items like fleeces and wind jackets, many in odd sizes. Periodically we will sell some of these off at a discount, to clear the stock and some we will hold for use by marshals and race officials at our club races.

Club loan items

We will keep a very small number of vests to loan to people who have just joined the club and need a vest to race.  Please contact us to make arrangements to see if we can loan you a vest. We expect that you will have already placed your order with the club shop and that you will return the borrowed vest promptly in good clean condition ready to be loaned to the next person.

On-Line Shop

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