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Preston Guild Marathon Training

Preston Guild Marathon Training

With just over 5 months before the Preston Guild Marathon, it is probably time to think about training.

This summer we will be doing a number of long runs on Sunday morning in preparation for the event.

Due to the mix of abilities and goals of runners taking part, it is not possible to create a schedule that will suit everyone’s needs. You should try and come up with a schedule tailored for you that takes into account any other events (holidays, parties, etc) and races that you may have planned over the summer. There are plenty of examples to be found on the internet, e.g. Runners World. These generally are for 16 weeks, but starting early allows you to build-up more gradually and have some contingency if anything goes wrong.

To help you plan, you can download our calendar showing the weeks leading up to the marathon and all club races during this period.

The first long run will be on Sunday 3rd June at 10:30 and will start from the Poachers in Bamber Bridge. The full route is about 13 miles, but has cut offs so it can be shortened to 7 and 10ish miles. For more up-to-date details, see out Facebook Page.

We have also had some interest in the half marathon. You probably have a bit more time before you get fully into it, but you could start to think about doing the longer runs on a Tuesday / Thursday training sessions which are about 7 / 8 miles.

If you would like for information, please get in contact with us.