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76 Compete at the Run Preston 10k

76 Compete at the Run Preston 10k

The Run Preston 10K was the Red Rose Road Runners’ latest Championship race in which an amazing 76 members competed. Around 1500 runners lined up to celebrate the Guild once more, racing over an established but far from easy course.

Claire Bunce continued her rich seam of form taking first place in the Women’s race in 39.43, breaking the 40 minute barrier for the first time. The club performed well in many of the age group categories with Julie Thorley taking the 2nd WV45 prize in 49.05, Jill Jefferson taking the 2nd WV50 place in 45.29, Carolyn Douglass finishing in 50.44 to be first V65, and Evelyn Elkington the V75 winner also taking the accolade of eldest lady runner, in a time of 70.36. Claire Bunce, Jill Jefferson, Paula Plowman, Julie Thorley and Rachel Porter took third place in the team event.

The men claimed the second team prize behind a very strong Preston Harriers quartet. John Shepherd finished in 38.07, Joe Swarbrick  38.32, Ben Donoghue ,39.12 beating his sub 40 minute target for the first time,  and Jose Pinon Shaw 39.39. Age category prizes went to Joe Swarbrick for the first V55 and Bernard Elkington in the V75. class.

An excellent club presence saw several runners improving their 10k times. Other results: K. Addison 39.59, S. Cliffe 41.41, D. Maudsley 41.46, S. Bladon 41.53, P. Butler 41.56, S. Cann 42.29, D. Williams 42.54, B. Wheeler 43.03, P. Darwen 43.39, G. Noblett 43.39, S. Houghton 43.41, P. Davidson 43.53, D. Hooton 44.20, P. Kemp 44.40, G. Haworth 44.45, M. Rutherford 45.23, J. Rogerson 46.29, T. Thorley 46.31, J. Jardine 46.46, R. Ward 47.01, Z. Giles 49.55, M. Eastwood 50.07, C. Robinson 51.17, C.Utting 51.32, K.Burrows 52.19, A. Binstead 53.51, R. Bennion 54.31, J. Robinson 56.30, G. Beetham 57.00, R. Johnson 57.26,L Brown 57.27, D. Robinson 58.27, M. Jeffryes 58.36, T. McNicholas 60.05, B. Elkington 60.07, P. Gibson 60.14, L. Willetts 62.36, A. Baker 62.54, A. Howard 63.43, D. Aspin 64.11, A. Kelly 67.05, K. O’Brien 75.20. Ladies: J. Gouldthorpe 50.42, P.Plowman 51.31, D. Kirkman 51.32, R. Noblett 52.34, Y Johnson 54.40, A. Crosby 55.13, S. Cape 56.30, A. Nuttall 58.02, K. Dewhirst 58.21, J. Johnstone 59.27, N.Machin 59.29, L. Gavell 59.15, A. Nelson 60.10, V. Morris 60.14, S. Smith 62.02, D. Bevitt 62.34, H..Loxston 62.54, S. Harrison 66.06, W. Ward 68.24, S. Walton 68.24, E. Elkington 70.36, J. Saynor 74.32, J. Cook 75.34, K. Ashton 80.51. Some runners ran the 5k race less than an hour after completing the longer distance. Paula Plowman took the V45 prize in 25.21. 5K results: B. Donoghue 19.46, B.Wheeler 21.47, P. Plowman 25.21, R. Johnson 28.51, Y. Johnson 28.53.

Elsewhere, Simon Murphy completed the Loch Ness Marathon in 4.35.54.

(Updated 14/12/12 John Rogerson)

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  1. Jill

    Hi, know it’s a bit late to be finally reading this race report, but just wondered why I was missed off. I was the 2nd F50 & the 2nd female RRRRunner in a time of 45:29 but I’m not mentioned anywhere…..Jill Jefferson