Red Rose Road Runners

Weekly Roundup 4th May 2015

Weekly Roundup 4th May 2015

Red Rose  turned out in big numbers for local races this weekend. The May Day Avenham Park 5k and fun run attracted nearly 500 runners. The fun run was won by Blackpool’s Jack Tickle in 4.38 followed by his sister Lucy Tickle in 4.58. In 5th place Red Rose, Sophie Hill ran brilliantly finishing in 5.23. Ruby Lenningham finished 9th in 5.37. Hannah Bosman had a great run in 6.22 followed closely by Ava Lenningham in 6.31. Jon Butterworth (7.39) was just ahead of India Ward (7.44).Nina Colquhoun ran 7.53, Eric Ward was next in 8.21 followed by Anne Smith (9.00).

Nearly 50 Red Rose tackled the 5k course. Daniel Hughes took a top ten spot with a time of 18.12 with Karl Hodgson hot on his heels in 12th place and 18.19. Dave Wall had a great run as first V50 in 19.04. Anneke Crosby was first F45 in 22.45 and Anne Smith 1st F60 in 36.38.

S.Cann 19.33, C.Brown 20.22, S. Bladon 20.26, D.Williams 20.33, J.Naylor 20.43, S.Houghton 21.00, G.Bell 21.03, A.Stell 21.22, M.McCrea 21.26, I.Wharton 21.36, P.Battersby 22.02, D.Raynor 22.08, J.Malcolmson 22.40, E.Hodgkinson 22.46, J.Wright 22.56, S.Taylor 22.58, T.Carr 25.03, M.Lenningham 25.10, A.Lodge 25.18, J.Plowman 25.25, D.Hill 25.54, V.Gore 26.14, P.Stell 26.56, D.Porter 27.20, K.Burrows 27.25, J.Fairclough 28.07, L.Davitt 28.20, H.Greenhalgh 28.24, S.Kirkman 28.40, L.Bosman 29.32, A.Brown 29.50, C.Heaton 30.08, K.Day 30.10, G.Fairey 30.38, S.Haslam 31.28, J.Mowbray 32.12,D.Aspin 32.21, R.Mulligan 34.00, (PB) B.Whybro 34.07,N.Richardson 35.12, P.Oates 35.12, K.Bosman 37.38, B.Elkington 48.23.

The Yarrow River Bluebell 10k was a great event for the 13 Red Rosers. The times were not a reflection of the runners’s 10k PB’s but an example of their ‘good to be alive’ attitude.  They came away with a glut of prizes and some memorable moments including a waist high crossing of the river. Samuel Harrison was 5th overall in 47.07. Mike Hall was 7th in 48.03. Phil Davidson took first V50 in 49.44 with Mark Billington 2nd V50 in 50.24.Mark McCrea finished in 50.50. Janine Needham was 4th F40, Steve Taylor ran 57.07, Ray Taylor was 3rd V60 in 57.57. Joan Gouldthorpe won 2nd F60 in 67.24 followed by Josephine Walsh in 71.48 and Pita Oates in 72.42. Mary Conway finished in 73.34, and Sarh Haslam in 78.59.

The Ripley 4 mile Fun Run saw George Fletcher complete the race in 35.16, Simon Kirkman in 37.54. Evelyn Elkington finished in 43.18 and Bernard Elkington 45.35.

 A smaller field than usual at the Sherriff 10k saw two good performances. Richard Maughan was well up the field in 41.51 and Dave Dyson breaking 50 minutes in 49.30.

Earlier in the week 19 RR tackled the Vernon’s 5k. Some good performances in the first of four races will be good measures of everyone’s progress at this distance.