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Mid Season Loss of Mojo – Gail Hoyle

Mid Season Loss of Mojo – Gail Hoyle

Gail in France

I am currently suffering from what can only be described as a loss of mojo. Most of this sudden lethargy for training is down to a long term niggling injury that isn’t allowing me to train at my usual fairly intense level.

To get my mojo back I have toyed with the following tactics:

1) Avoid Facebook at all costs
It is Ironman month, and practically every one I know has just done or is about to do a half or full ironman, and reading posts of achievements, congratulatory replies, and “like” totals is becoming repetitive. I do of course realise that shortly all these people currently on highs will soon crash back down to earth, lose even more mojo than me and the photos about drinking, eating and going out late will become the norm.

2) Learn to enjoy the recent spell of sunny weather
We complain about typical rubbish British weather and the affect it has on our training, but in truth this lovely sunny weather has had the same result. I need to remember to get out now whilst it’s nice, and not just to sit in the garden.

3) Athlete inspiration
Watch any sport that does not involve acting, large sums of money, or match fixing. Ignore the fact that these people are half my age, and half my weight, and pretend that they fit all their training around a full time job, and a family.

4) Diet
I could have a mid-life detox diet, embrace the aloe vera juice and veg based smoothies….

Or I could just pig out on expensive coffee shop treats, red wine and chocolate maltezers, then get so fat I HAVE to start running again.

5) Sign up for a new event
Pick an event I’ve always wanted to do and sign up for it NOW! Preferably something larger, longer, and nicer than I have yet done. There is nothing more likely to give you a kick up the backside than future race mojo. The mind forgets that at present a 1 mile run seems too far and foolishly you believe that that PB on a half or full marathon is just around the corner. Plan ahead though and anything is possible just book the physio now so you know he will be available.

6) Create a sub-section support group
Activities could include picnics, kayaking, and Sals’ flapjack cake baking courses. Enjoyable, but my running is definitely better than my cake baking skills.

7) Learn to be a fat lazy pig and sign up for a coaching course

8) Finally book a training holiday in France with people whose company I enjoy, train leisurely, drink wine and good food, and stop worrying!

Hope to see you hobbling at an event nearby soon.

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