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Red Rose Newsletter no. 1 – Debbie Porter

Red Rose Newsletter no. 1 – Debbie Porter


The club was formed on the 23rd April 1982 with the aim of bridging the gap between the jogger or fun runner and the serious club athlete.

The introductory newsletter was May 1982 which reads as follows:

The first few members were all members of a Jogging club who wanted to take part in races and had decided to join the local athletic club. The step between the two was, and is, still quite large in many cases so it was obvious that there was a place for a club which catered for all standards of runners.
Red Rose recognises the fact that there are people who simply wish to run to keep fit and healthy and maybe take part in ‘fun run’ type events which do not have a serious competitive edge.

There are also runners who wish to race almost every week but have little or no interest in running on a track.
Between the two comes a whole world of runners of all sorts of abilities who perhaps do like to take part in the odd road race but, as they realise they have no chance whatsoever of actually winning anything, simply enjoy their running as a way to keep fit and take part in the enjoyment and friendship that the sport brings.

Everyone also needs some sort of target to aim for, whether it is the fun runner whose target is simply gaining and maintaining a level of fitness; the serious athlete who goes all out to win; or the man or woman in the middle who perhaps likes to just keep knocking little bits off that personal best.

With a standards scheme that starts at the at the basic jogging level and progresses to 2 hour 30 minute marathon standard for example, just about everybody has a starting point – and a steady progression of targets.
Newsletters, such as this one, help to keep the wide membership in touch and the information of local training groups means that eventually no-one need train alone all the time if they do not want to. Local contacts have already been established in several towns in the North West.

As membership increases we aim to our own open road race championship which will cater for all abilities through the standards scheme and will accommodate both adults and children.
With social events for all the family; special club clothing and the fact that the members do not have to pay the ‘unattached levy’ imposed on most road races and marathons, the Red Rose Road Runners aims to provide a real sense of belonging for runners of all ages and abilities.

As at February 1983 the ‘Club Officials’ were as follows:
Chairman: George McLaughlin
Secretary/Treasurer: Barry Durham
Standards Secretary: Stewart Edmondson
Committee Member: Allan Fitchett

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