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Awayday – Stu Cann

Awayday – Stu Cann

Awayday – Stu Cann

Does anybody fancy a date on the 6th Nov 2016?

Ha ha now that I’ve got all your attention were going to book the Red Rose party bus again for this years away day its a nice little trip to compete in the Derwentwater 10 mile which is an undulating route around the lake with absolutely stunning views and backdrops and its on the championship list so hopefully we’ll turn it Red and with all this notice you’ll have loads of time to train for it.

We’re looking to charge a fiver for a seat on the coach and spectators are also more than welcome Full details are not yet finalised but it will be the usual pick up and drop off at the Poachers Bamber Bridge I shall be starting a Facebook group so you can register your interest and ticket/seat reservations will be strictly on a give me some money and I’ll put you on the list basis with no exceptions I will run it for at least two months so you’ll have plenty of time to cross my palm with silver.

For those that are new to the idea of the party bus the format is as follows
Pay Stu some money for you and maybe your partner to cheer you on
Enter race online to guarantee entry
Stock up on cakes butties snacks and alcohol (plus a little extra to share)
Train (this ones optional)
On the day get yourself and goodies to Poachers and take seat
Before race start select Red Rose top and striped socks pin on number
When someone shouts go Run around the big lake
Enjoy a picnic prior to boarding coach
Eat drink and be merry
Get back on coach and consume whatever is left and relax

Please note
It can get quite lively on the way home
Stick the date in your diary and save your fiver and if you can get chauffeured to the lakes and back for less let me know and we’ll eliminate the competition
Oh and if I can scrounge it there may be some free alcohol so watch this space

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