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Preston torchlight procession – Stu Cann

Preston torchlight procession – Stu Cann

Preston torchlight procession – Stu Cann

Saturday night 24th September Preston City Council are holding another torchlight procession and we have entered Red Rose so are looking for people to join in We have a slot in the procession and are going to shout us out loud and proud wearing red in a big way
We are looking to hold mini races and have a cheer leading squad with pom pom’s and all or if anyone has any hidden talents then come forward with any ideas basically we will parade around the streets of Preston in front of large crowds and have a reet good laugh
The last one to be held was in the guild year and what a show we put on with flashing lights signs and start and finish lines

We met on the night in the evening about 60 of us and had a training stint for the night ahead
The first routine involved letters spelling out our name with plenty of dashing about it got spelt wrong a few times then spelt correct ish to large cheers from the crowds which were in their thousands on the night job done and letters stashed back on trolley
Next two posts and a start banner was set up and about 50 mtrs along the same with a finish banner about 10 of us lined up crouched and a massive chant of 3 2 1 go went up and off went all the budding Usein Bolts On each occasion it drew a big cheer from the crowd and the said races did get quite competitive even the backward running ones
We also had a huge torch to lead us and we were covered in flashing lights which looked rather striking in the dark
All in all we danced ran cheered waved and had an absolute blast

So we are looking for willing volunteers to join us and you may even get to wear a tutu The louder the better Red rose tops stripey socks and loud shorts are to be the order of the day so if you can attend drop us an email or let me or john Rogerson know
Can anyone juggle or ride a unicycle ??????

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  1. Louise

    I might be able to borrow the red and white pop poms from school. We also have black, blue and yellow not that we probably want them! Let me know. Louise

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