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Red Rose Olympics 2015 – Ian Wharton

Red Rose Olympics 2015 – Ian Wharton

Red Rose have organised some fantastic events in the past and the Red Rose Olympics is one of my favourites.

With the 2016 event fast approaching (on the 21st August), I thought it would be as well to let you all know what you are missing or letting yourselves in for depending on whether you go or not. Thankfully no one needs to be able to do the splits in mid air like Ethan.


This is a real family event and a fantastic opportunity to involve your kids in a friendly, well organised and sociable day.

Last year we started with a 1500m race. I had already decided that I was going to get my moneys worth and enter every race going. The fact that Red Rose pay for the entire event and therefore all the races are free had escaped me.

I had arrived at the track with a large cappuccino from the coffee shop and it was starting to kick in at the start of the first race. I found myself in 3rd place behind Steve Bladon and Stu Cann with 300m to go.


Unfortunately caffeine has quite an effect on me and the effect at this point was to convince me that 300m was the right distance to go for a finishing sprint.

Before I know it I was in 1st. Brilliant.
With 250m to go to the finish. Not so good.
And the caffeine rapidly wearing off. Really bad!!

I managed to hang on until almost the line when Steve came storming past in a most unsporting manner.


If I could have spoken at that point, I would have complained bitterly. The course was obviously overlength by about 20m I reckon and isn’t there something about wearing red vests?

Anyway by the time I could speak, the second event was starting and it was time to get moving again. Funnily enough this cycle repeated itself through the day with various excuses from me. I didn’t hear the gun, my legs have stopped working, everyone else is too fast and my personal favourite, all the wind is in my lane.

Everyone else seemed to have a fantastic time though.



As usual we had a fantastic turnout from supporters and helpers to make everything run smoothly.


And we even had our own podium.


The effort that everyone goes to to make these events go so well is amazing. It’s lovely to see the kids get their prizes at the end of the day.

So I’ll definitely be there again this year and I’m already working on my excuses. I may go for a decaf coffee this time though.

I hope to see you all there.

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