Introduction – Fiona Gutteridge

Introduction – Fiona Gutteridge

Hi all, thought I’d give a quick introduction as a newbie! My name is Fiona but answer to most names!!

I first started plodding around Preston parkrun in October 2014. I’d never done any running before but after seeing it on the telly box thought I’d give it a whirl! I have to admit I turned up all cocky eyeing people up thinking I’d beat them all! Well that thought was soon beaten out of me as I couldn’t even finish the first lap. I spotted my car and did a detour home!! I’m not sure why that didn’t put me off and I still turned up the week after when I did complete it!

Since then I’ve steadily progressed. Over the last year, I’ve done a few 5k runs but always said I couldn’t go further than that, that was until I gave into peer pressure and signed up for this year’s Mad Dog race! This has given me the kick up the bum I’ve needed to push myself. I’ve been adding a few more miles onto the parkrun and also tagged along with a friend
to Red Rose Road Runners training. I’ve done a few Thursday night runs and loved it!!

I enjoy the social side of running and meeting new people so if anyone sees me out and about, please say a little “hi”!!

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