Red Rose Road Runners – Photograph of the month contest – Gareth Bell

Red Rose Road Runners – Photograph of the month contest – Gareth Bell

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” — Karl Lagerfeld.

Some people love bling, some people love race t-shirts, I love a good race photo!
The idea is simple, if you take, or spot a really great Red Rose / running related photo then enter it into our monthly contest.
The winning photo will be used on the Webpage & Facebook pages (dependant on our fabulous IT crew) and towards the end of the year we aim to get a 2018 calendar made available to purchase using each month’s photos on corresponding pages.

To avoid delays in printing at the end of the year Decembers photo will be based on the “team photo of the year” so please send team photos in as well.
If you have a photo you want to enter then please email.
I will pick what I feel are my top 5 and then this will be put out to vote via Facebook.

The Rules are also simple:-
Only amateur photographs are allowed (no professional copyrighted race photos).
Email the photograph to (if it’s not emailed it’s not entered). Where possible please send the original image for better quality.
Make sure you include the details of who took the photo, the date & location.
It must be Red Rose / running related.
The photo must have been taken in the corresponding month (no winter photos in summer).
If the photo includes children under 16 then ensure you have their parents’ permission first and let me know.
Entries must be in by the 2nd of the next month i.e. January entries must be submitted by the 2nd February.
I will then pick my favourite 5 from any entries and put them out to a vote on Facebook.
Votes will be open for 48 hours only.
Please vote for only one photo, and only one vote each.
There are no cash prizes, remember this is just a bit of fun.
Any ideas, suggestions or queries should be directed to Gareth Bell via the email Please bear in mind I will only access this inbox a couple of times a month.
Happy snapping.



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