Introduction – Emily and Judi Ingham

Introduction – Emily and Judi Ingham

We thought it would make more sense to write our introduction together since we always run together. We are a mother-daughter duo (NOT twins as Judi tries to pass us off as) and can quite often be found on a Thursday night at Red Rose Road Runners training or at Cuerden Valley parkrun.

We both got into running at different times for different reasons. Emily got into running in 2013, running on and off for a few months to relieve stress from her GCSEs. In July 2014, Emily and her cousin, Hannah, ran a sponsored 11km run in memory of a friend who had passed away. At the time, 11km felt like the furthest distance she’d ever be able to complete, she never planned on ever running a marathon. In 2015, Emily was railroaded into joining Red Rose when Judi and her auntie, Carol, paid for her membership one night when out for tea and said she had no other option but to start running with them. Emily has never looked back since and has enjoyed many races wearing her Red Rose vest, running alongside Judi and Carol.

Judi started running in October 2014 after making a pact with her sister Carol. Carol was to go to the local pub quiz with a group of friends and Judi was to go running with Carol who was already a keen runner. So far only Judi has kept her side of the agreement.

Instead of getting into running gently, Carol made Judi run Cuerden Valley parkrun for her first attempt at running which, despite nearly killing her, didn’t put her off. Judi then joined RunSmart and Red Rose soon after.

We are very similar runners and our PBs are very similar in most distances. Our 5km PBs are only 3 seconds apart even though we ran two separate races to get these times (Emily’s PB is 3 seconds faster, as she always likes to point out, ha ha).

We have run many races together ranging from 5km to half marathons and have also run two marathons in 2016. We decided to run our first marathon together because Judi wasn’t getting any younger (according to Emily) and Emily had just turned 18 so thought it would be a good challenge. We are running Manchester Marathon together for the 2nd time this year and Judi was lucky enough to get into London Marathon too!

We love running with Red Rose because they are such a supportive club. Being part of Red Rose has meant we have pushed to try a bigger variety of races like fell races and muddy shoes, which are races we would never have considered in the past.

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