Introduction – Lee Lawrenson

Introduction – Lee Lawrenson

Hi fellow RRRR
My name is lee Lawrenson or lorro as I’m also known!!! I’ve been running for just over 3 years now and I absolutely love it!! I couldn’t have said that after completing my first ever run (Preston 10k) as it took me about 5 days to walk normally again,.I blame that hill!!

I’ve always struggled going to a gym to keep Fit as I would spend more time watching the tele than actually exercising so I turned to a running club as I thought this would introduce me to other runners with the same mindset of getting out running whilst meeting new people!

Red Rose didn’t disappoint, it still amazes me to this day how much support and enthusiasm this club show on a regular basis whether it be down at track on a Tuesday night when your blowing out of your backside on the dreaded timed mile or turning up to poachers on a Thursday night for a steady run out (and beer after of course)!

I’ve already made some great friends through red rose and due to the fact my diary is getting booked up with more and more runs this year I’m sure i will meet many more along the way!
Keep on working hard everyone, dig deep on those final few metres when it feels like your lungs are gonna explode and most of all enjoy.
Much love to the Red Rose family 😀


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