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Weekly Roundup 14 Feb 2017

Weekly Roundup 14 Feb 2017

With the Mid Lancs Cross Country season drawing to its conclusion, Red Rose remain in a strong position. A great turnout from our top young runners made a significant impression on the Rossall event. The windy cold conditions of the whole weekend tested everyone’s resolve. The U11 girls ran competitively, sticking closely together. They finished as a team with Grace Raynor 34th in 8.35, Martha Raynor 35th in 8.36 and Lucie Clipston 40th in 8.41.

A team of 12 ladies was lead home by Nicola Hughes in 29.25 in 43rd position, Joan Gouldthorpe was next taking the first F65 place in a time of 32.44 and Aimee Grime completed the ‘A’ team with a time of 33.16. Alison Parkinson finished in 33.21 only one place behind Aimee. Alison Mercer, 34.07 and Sue Austin 35.31 completed the ‘B’ team. More excellent performances came from Jenny Fairclough 36.19, Catherine Korn 36.53, Pita Oates 37.37, Sally Cape 37.44, Sarah Haslam 38.22and Janet Saynor 48.47.

The men’s race saw 20 runners from the club. The first 6 men made up the ‘A’ team taking 4th place on the day. The team has a more youthful look these days which has contributed further to the rising success and presence of the club at all competitions. Simon Croft led the way with 38.13 and 26th place. Other excellent times came from Duncan Anderson 39.03,Dan Hughes 39.29, James Simon 40.05, Karl Hodgson 41.46, Sam Harrison 41.53. A ‘B’ team was able to claim 11th place with runs from Paul Duffell 4202, Andrew Christie 42.52, Kristian Lowe 43.21, Stuart Cann 44.14, Gary Corcoran 44.15 and Barry Wheeler 45.31. The Red Rose ‘army’ was further strengthened with performances from Frank Nightingale 45.39, Phil Butler 45,59, Fred Lynch 47.47, Ray Taylor 47.51, Steve Poxon 48.56, Bernie Mitchell 52.10 and Peter Bolton 53.06.

In Lancaster, two Valentine 10 k took place over the weekend. On Saturday Brian Hanley ran well to finish in 50.06. Michelle Livesey won the F35 prize in 56.59, Nikki Bentley finished in 62.04 and Jackie Brunton took the F40 prize in 62.42. Their combined efforts also won them the team prize.

The Sunday race saw Alex Venables take 5th spot in 37.09, Dave Parkinson 6th place in 37.23 also winning the V50 prize. In 11th John Naylor ran a new PB of 38.11 and in 14th Jose Pinon Shaw ducked under 40 minutes with 39.51. Alison Parkinson took the F50 prize with a great time of 48.05 and Nikki Bentley almost matched her effort from the previous day with a time 62.26. Evelyn Elkington as the first F80 with brilliant time of 67.20 and Bernard Elkington also took his V80 category in 74.40.

The Muddy Shoes 11 mile race at Calder Vale inevitably attracted interest from Red Rose. The promised ‘muddy shoes’ were accompanied by howling, freezing winds. Phil Davidson was 15th in 1.42.30. Janine Needham followed immediately in 16th 5 seconds later. Pita Oates and Gareth Bell battled the course together finishing in a time of 2.13.35 and Sal Cape and Shane Cliffe finished in 38th and 39th place in 2.21.27. In the 5 mile challenge, the conditions were no easier, but of course the Red rose spirit rose again with brilliant performances from our 6 runners. Judi Ingham was 5th in 56.53,Anneke Crosby 6th in 56.54 and Anees Shaikh 7th in 56.56. Ted Dempsey tackled the course single handedly in 65.00 and Keith O’Brien and Judith Cook finished together in 1.45.20.

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