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Weekly News

Weekly News

Once again, Red Rose have been out in force this week.

The Astley Park Trail Race 2 (Second in the series), took place on the 7th June in the scenic Astley Park, The grounds with a small lake were landscaped by John Webb and feature a picturesque meandering stream running through a wooded ravine. In the junior race, Jake Dargie came in at 7:07 with Lucie Clipston completing the 1 mile trail and grass course in 7:18.

The senior race, finishes outside Astley Hall just by its doorway with distinctly rustic Ionic columns. the senior Red Rose team were out in force. 27 members (some more senior than others) covered the 4.6 mile slightly undulating course. Dave Parkinson came 12th in 27:35, Stuart Cann in 29:16, Janine Needham continued her fantastic form coming in 5th lady in 30:38. Ben Donoghue 00:30:39, Philip Davidson 00:31:46, Steve Poxon 00:32:42, David Tolson 00:32:54, Nicola Hughes 00:33:22, Ian Wharton 00:33:39, Dave Maudsley 00:34:04, Simon Morris 00:34:33, Shane Cliffe 00:34:58, Steve Taylor 00:35:43, Alison Parkinson 00:36:18, Natalie Moore 00:36:38, Richard Field 00:37:57, Emily Ingham 00:38:01, Lorna Taylor 00:38:03, Judi Ingham 00:39:22, Alison Mercer 00:40:23, Sue Austin 00:40:24, Cathy Carn 00:41:51, Martin Foley 00:42:25, Jenny Fairclough 00:43:54 Aimee Midgley 00:45:36, Sally Cape 00:46:05, Bianca Morris 00:48:25.

The next day saw the Welsh Two Lads Fell Race in Horwich (population 20,067). Another good turnout saw James Simon home in 8th place in 36:06, Duncan Anderson 9th in 36:09 and Paula Plowman first Red Rose lady in 53:54. The team was completed by Daniel Hughes 00:37:36, Andrew Christie 00:40:13, Frank Nightingale 00:42:05, John Naylor 00:43:07, Gary Corcoran 00:45:07, Philip Butler 00:45:21, Andy Hale 00:45:42, Steven Willetts 00:47:57, Peter Bolton 00:49:46, Simon Morris 00:53:07, Chris Patterson 00:53:24, Martin Simpson 00:54:39, Francsico Concepcion 00:59:06, Alison Mercer 00:59:11, Ruth Travis 01:02:26, Jenny Fairclough 01:07:22, Colin Manning 01:08:29, Lisa Hyde 01:20:55.

Saturday morning is now the obligatory parkrun and this Saturday saw Red Rose at a variety of events. Michael Hogarth visited Cardiff and got 29:26, Gill Nightingale got a PB at Preston in 35:27, along with Denise Fairhurst in 33:02. They were joined by Kerry Dewhurst, Helen RUTHERFORD, James HUGHES, Steve BOARDMAN, John Benedict ALLEN, Tina Jane CARR, Julie NUTTALL, Nigel BRITTON, Gareth CASE, Sarah Louise RUNCIE, Ben SMITHERS, Stephen WALKER and Susan Jane HEATLEY.
John Naylor, Nikki Bentley and Gina Biggs visited Warrington for the parkrun and while they were there decided to run round a track FOR FUN!!
Carole Williams went to Southport parkrun, while Peter and Louise Withnell visited Wycombe Rye (famous for its Lido) parkrun.
18 members visited Cuerden Valley for a very wet parkrun. Conditions were poor and no PB’s were seen by Daniel HUGHES, Kristian LOWE, Philip DAVIDSON, Scott JACKSON, Nicola HUGHES, Richard WARD, John WISEMAN, Liam HOOTON, David HOOTON, Yvonne JOHNSON, Robert TAYLOR, Claire SHAW, Wayne HOPE, Roger JOHNSON, Sarah HASLAM, Wendy WARD, Pita OATES, but thanks for turning up.

Karen and Chris Clarke were carrying the Red Rose flag to Shrewsbury, Amanda Cutler, Amanda Berry and Davina Bowling were at Newby Bridge and Mark Willet represented at Lytham Hall.

Lancaster parkrun was engulfed by Red Rose who gathered for the team photo by Ashton Memorial (commissioned by Lord Ashton as a tribute to his late wife). Maureen Laney was first lady in an excellent 22:37. Stuart CANN came in 6th overall followed by Wayne SHARPLES. Peter O’GRADY, Rob MATHER, Anneke CROSBY, Alison PARKINSON, Louise MCKENNA, Steve TAYLOR, Kate CLIPSTON, Sue AUSTIN, Lorna TAYLOR, Jennifer BRADLEY, Jenny FAIRCLOUGH, Emily INGHAM, Carol HEATON, Anne Denise SMITH and Andy CLIPSTON. Lucie Clipston managed a massive PB after her efforts earlier in the week at Astley Park with a Lancaster parkrun time of 29:25, a PB by over 9 minutes. The Clipston name originated as a combination of Norse-Viking and Olde English. It derives from the Norse personal name ‘Klype’ transposed to the later English ‘Clyp’ and describes a ‘Sturdy fellow.’ To this is added the suffix ‘tun’ meaning home or farm.

Later the same day was the Windmill 10 Mile Race at Caton Fair Jill, Paula and Alison all won their Vet. categories. Gary Corcoran was first Red Rose home in 01:17:13. Jill Jefferson first Red Rose lady in 1:24:28, Mark McCrea making his Red Rose comeback from injury in 1:25:35, Paula Plowman 1:33:33, Alison Mercer 1:42:47, Lorna and Steve Taylor in 1:47:04 and 1:47:05, Nicola Patterson in 1:47:29 and Wendy Rogerson in 1:47:37

Further afield the Keswick Mountain Festival 25k was attended by Andrew Christie in 2hr 30, followed in by Tony Thorley 2hr 58 and Terry Moss. Margaret Lodge 3hr 29. James Robinson 4hr 11. The 10k trail run saw Jim McLean come in in 1:08:19 and Dawn McClean in 1:27:41.
In the 5k, Rik Chippendale came in with 31:33.

The Catforth 10k was on the Sunday and an excellent performance from Simon Croft saw him finish 2nd, less than 3 seconds behind the winner in 34:34. Simon Shaw and Scott Jackson came in with 41:47 and 43:09. Steve Willetts 44:09, Ray Taylor 45:10, Natalie Moor 49:25, Steve Worswick 49:33, Lewis Withnell 51:24, Emily Ingham 51:59 Anneke Crosby 51:59, Carol Douglass 52:11, Steve Taylor 52:34, Kate Clipston 52:42, Claire Shaw 52:58, Joan Gouldthorpe 54:10, Gareth Fairey 54:34, Catherine Macgillivray 55:17, Paul Gardner 56:23, Helen Greenhalgh 58:59, Kieron Alami 1:00:22, Tracey Alami 1:00:23, Katie Johnson 1:01:35, Andy Clipston 1:13:43, Davina Bowling 1:24:07.

In the Run Through Tatton Park (Visited by the Crown Prince of Siam in the 1890’s), Alex Venables continued his form coming in 8th in 37:49 with Steve Murphy in 48:13, Tracy Woods 1:09:29 and Janette Covell in 1:14:16.

The Race the Train Bury to Rawtenstall. Starting from Bury train station on the sound of the steam trains whistle. Runners then set off North along trail paths running alongside the railway lines and Irwell River. The run is from point to point, starting at Bury and finishing at Rawtenstall Station. 10 Red Rosers were too mean to pay for a ticket and ran the 14 miles between the stations. Dave Parkinson was first Red Rose home in 1:21:07 while Janine Needham led the ladies charge with 1:31:20, Phil Davidson tried to stay upright for all the 1:33:31, Liam Hooton 1:34:09, Dave Hooton chased Liam to 1:38:53, Stuart Isherwood 1:49:18, Alison Parkinson 1:51:10, Sonja Mueller 2:40:45, Joanna Dobson 2:41:18, Sarah Louise 2:41:25

Meanwhile, John Naylor, Nikki Bentley and Gina Biggs decided that a change of scene is hugely overrated and ran rings round each other in the Warrington Summer Track Marathons. The Saturday saw John Naylor complete the course in 3:33:12, Nikki Bentley 5:42:08 and Gina Biggs 6:32:04.
On the Sunday, for a change, they ran it all again and this time John Naylor got through the course in 3:31:06, Nikki Bentley 6:12:57 and Gina Biggs 7:00:26

In other news, Pete Battersby lost a toenail.

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  1. David Tolson

    Hello Ian

    I hope this is the way to get in touch with you with some news.
    Janet Tolson completed the Tour of Tameside yesterday. It comprises a 10K Trail Race, a 6 mile Fell Race, and off-road Half Marathon and a 7 mile road race on consecutive days – and none of the races are easy. She was 2nd LV60 in a total time of 5hr49m06s. It’s a great event – it started in 1980 as a 6 event/full week double marathon, and was run until I think 2000. It then stopped as the M60 cut across some of the routes but it was started up again a few years ago – there were no other Red Rose Runners, but I’m sure people would enjoy it.


    David Tolson

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