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My name is Katy and I’m a runner

My name is Katy and I’m a runner

My name is Katy and I’m a runner…..

I only realised that I was a runner while volunteering for Worden 10k in May, and a fellow volunteer asked me if I was a runner, and I said “yes.”

All my life my dad has been a runner- marathons, ultras, triathlons, ironman, 48 (yes 48!) hour races, and fell running. That’s what I thought running was and I thought it was something all dad’s did.
At school I hated running, all sports in fact. I was always picked last, and always lost. I used to come up with every excuse to skive off PE.

In 2016 my friend asked me to do a muddy 5k to raise money for cancer research. As family and friends were recently diagnosed/ recovering I couldn’t refuse, and in June we joined hundreds (thousands?) on Avenham Park for the challenge. Whilst running between obstacles, I realised I could run a few metres without dying. So a few weeks later my friend and I started running/ walking in bursts until after a month or so I could run 5k without stopping.

I also completed my first parkrun- cuerden valley- cheered on by my dad and kids. My kids and I now regularly volunteer at the parkrun, whenever childcare doesn’t allow me to run myself!

My friend stopped running and I started looking for a group to join. In October 2016 I nervously arrived at Tesco car park for runsmart. I couldn’t see anyone at first, and nearly went home. Suddenly a whole load of reflective gear wearing people showed up and I was in the middle of them all feeling like I should turn and flee! Sarah Eccles and Rob Mather, 2 of the leaders welcomed me in and I stayed and completed what was to be the first of many runs there, that’s fast become part of my weekly routine.

Through runsmart I met Steve Taylor who encouraged me to join his 12 days of Christmas challenge, and also buy some raffle tickets. At the raffle I won a years membership to red rose- the best prize ever! Thanks to this I first joined the Friday gang, then the poachers run. I’ve now completed 5 x 10 k runs (1 in a tutu for Denise Fairhurst’s hen do!) I’ve signed up to the 1000 yearly challenge and I’m contemplating running a half marathon too!

I’ve realised not all dad’s run, and certainly not how my dad can! It’s brought us closer through our shared hobby, I’ve met lots of lovely people and formed some really great friendships.
Runsmart and red rose have literally turned my life around for the better and I can’t imagine my life without them now!

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  1. Denise

    Aww lovely blog Katy, I’m so happy to have met you through run smart initially and now as a friend who amazingly organised me a lovely 2nd hen party and encouraged me in the Blackpool Summer 10k race.

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