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Red Rose News 18th Sept 2017

Red Rose News 18th Sept 2017

Mike Hall and Sarah Scott attempted the Sundowner half Ironman at Allerthorpe near York. Unfortunately 6 miles into the 56 mile bike ride Mike’s front tyre blew which was unrepairable. After walking back a mile the broom wagon appeared and took him back to HQ. After waiting for Sarah to finish they did the run. So was pleased with a swim time of around 38 mins and run of about 1.42 for 12.9 miles, strangely under the intended half marathon. Sarah’s swim time was 42 minutes, her bike time 3.24 and the run 2.16.

At the Lancaster Marathon Jose Pinon Shaw came an excellent 5th position but was frustrated in his attempt to break the 3 hour mark with a great time of 3.03.20. John Naylor completed yet another 26.2 miles this time in 3.18.24. Gary Corcoran finished in 3.29.00, Peter Battersby 3.36.11 and Gina Biggs 6.27.10.

In the 10k event, Kelly White ran 55.15, Toshif Vally 71.47 and Bernard Elkington 83.06.

The English half Marathon was held in Warrington with 32 Red Rose members running. Many PB’s were achieved in this race. Two runners ran under 1 hour 30minutes. Andrew Christie 1.24.02 and Lewis Withnell 1.26.24. Eleven more ran under 2 hours. Scott Jackson 1.36.03, Stuart Isherwood 1.43.50, Ben Smithers 1.44.57, Paula Plowman 1.46.18, Sam Edwards 1.51.52, Lorna Taylor 1.52.31, Stephen Walker 1.53.14, Janette Covell 1.55.32, Steven Pickering 1.56.53, John Plowman 1.56.58, Faisal Ali 1.57.50, Pete O’Grady 1.57.53. Gina Chelton and Paul Gardner were extremely close with times of 2.00.03 and 2.00.11. Teamwork brought Leanne Finch 2.02.09 and Anneke Crosby 2.02.10 across the line together. Alice Hartley was next in 2.03.10. More Red Rose poured over the line, Esther Stanier 2.06.36, Anees Shaikh 2.07.16, Sarah Haslam 2.09.42. More pairs followed. Kate Clipston and Steve Taylor in 2.20.53 and Marion O’Grady 2.23.06 and Joanna Dobson 2.23.24.Josephine Walsh 2.28.24. Finally Sarah Runcie 2.30.00, Tracy Woods 2.31.38, Steven Moon 2.40.26, Sonja Mueller 2.40.27, Laura Orrell 2.40.27 and Susan Heatley 2.43.13.

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    1. admin

      Hi Steven,
      Sorry about that. I have corrected the error. I have put your time as given by which I think is the official race results website. If that is wrong then please can you contest it? You can do that by making a Timing Correction Request by emailing and detail your race number in the subject line. They suggest one should allow 48 working hours for corrections to be made.
      Let me know if you get the timing changed. There are possibly errors on the official website e.g. Dave Pickering who ran the 10k is posted as female.
      John Rogerson

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