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Weekly Roundup 7 May 2018

Weekly Roundup 7 May 2018

The latest Inter Club race was hosted by LSARRC took place this week. Conditions were more favourable than most other years where we have had to contend with strong winds. An incredible120 Red Rose Runners competed over the 5 mile course. The Ladies team had a great night, finishing second, with Carla Davies 2nd in 30.54, Carly Edwards 4th in 33.15. They were well supported by Nicola Hughes 33.53, Sam Edwards 36.08 and Laura Houghton 37.04. The F40 team were 4th out of 7. The overall team event saw Red Rose in 3rd place. The V50 team finished in first place with Dave Parkinson, Joe Swarbrick, Frank Nightingale and Stephen Woodruffe. Joe Swarbrick finished as first V60 with Dave Hooton and Ray Taylor making up the V60 team to take second place.

Full individual results below.

The excellent Sherriff 10k attracted 37 club members, to run this challenging but fair course. Hot conditions may have hampered times but the club grabbed the major share of the prizes.

Simon Croft ran 35.21 to win the race ahead of 2nd place, Philip Marsden (36.47.) Dan Hughes was 4th in 37.56 and Duncan Anderson 10th in 40.42 to take the Men’s team prize. David Parkinson took the V50 prize with 11th place in 40.44 and Ray Taylor took the V65 prize in 48.42. Jill Jefferson had great run finishing 2nd lady in 44.00 with Janine Needham winning the F40 category in 45.55. They were joined by Sam Edwards(50.03) and Natalie Moore(53.35) to win the ladies team prize. CarolDouglass took the F70 prize in 54.35 and Joan Gouldthorpe the F65 in 55.11. Ben Donoghue 43.18, Stuart Smith 43.38, Scott Jackson 44.06, Michael Oddie 44.24, John Allan 44.43, Allan Johnson 45.19,John Naylor 45.41, Stuart Cann 45.56, Andrew Stell 47.28,Ben mithers 49.08, Liam Hooton 49.14, Steve Murphy 51.11, Ian Wharton 51.20, Jon Royle 51.54, John Wiseman 53.08, Alison Parkinson 54.18 (F50 winner) Alison Mercer 56.23, Debbie Porter 58.55, Kathryn Abbott 59.30, Paula Stell 59.42, Richard Chippendale 60.52, Allan Howard 62.04, Lisa Baron 66.48, Helen Greenhalgh 67.21, Gareth Fairey 67.47.

Red Rose Juniors ran brilliantly at the Sherriff Fun Run. Cameron Needham was 3rd overall and Lucie Clipston was 3rd female. Red Rose team consisted of Cameron Needham M10 2nd Dan Smith M11,3rd Lucie Clipston F11, 4th Finlay Needham M11, 5th Madison Needham F7, 6th Evelyn Chippendale F5 7th Aleesha Johnson F6, 8th Archie Anderson M6, 9th Maggie Anderson F2.

In the Avenham Park Fun Run, Archie Finch ran 6:10, Lily Finch 7:36, Tegan Bentley ran 9.58, Nikki Bentley 9.59,  Aleesha Johnson ran 10:06 and Eli Davison Livesey 10.07.

In the 5k race, Matthew Holmes finished in 3rd place in 17.54. Gary Corcoran took the V45 prize in 19.27 and Davina Bowling won the F70 prize in 28.32. Fiona Gutteridge ran a PB of 31.27. Full results on Time2Run Events UK.

30 degrees of heat met the runners in the Milton Keynes Marathon Weekend. In the Rocket 5k Chris Corrigan ran 21.45, Pete O’Grady 22.08, Mary Conway ran a PB of 26.09. Lynn Melvin 26.22. The next day the runners really suffered. Support and company in the final stages of the races were really appreciated by everyone. Our three marathon runners won’t want to repeat the experience of running in that heat. Paula Plowman finished in 4.57.48 way outside her normal times and Emily and Judi Ingham battled the course together in 5.07.26. Even the half marathon was a severe test. Chris Corrigan finished in 1.56.44, Anneke Crosby 2.05.25, Peter O’Grady 2.05.25, Mary Conway 2.16.29, Marion O’Grady 2.34.39, Lynn Melvin 2.34.52, Carol Heaton 2.40.23, Anees Shaikh 2.43.31.

Gina Biggs has been to Northampton to take part in the ‘Triple’. Three marathons. The Cakeathon,The Chocothon and the Cookiethon. Faisal Ali was in attendance to help when it got really tough. He ate the cake! ( Not really,) he was great support on day two.

The latest Lakeland Trail event was held at Staveley with some more Red Rose success.

A great performance saw Ciarron Roddy win the 10K in 50.51 followed by Lisa Bolton 69.26, Brian Hanley 79.15, Austin Trelfa 79.54, Lisa Semley 86.10, Fiona Gutteridge 1.43.15, John Wiseman 1.43.15, David Watson 1.47.23.

In the 17k Challenge, David Raynor 1.40.46, Jonathan Evans 1.47.54, David Bayliss 1.57.13, Sarah Maltby 1.58.49, Glynis Leo 2.03.20, Claire Shaw 2.18.06, Wendy Ward 2.24.42, Cat Holden 2.28.10, Nina Colquhoun 2.43.19.

The 17K Race saw Andrew Christie finish in 1.36.45 with Olivia Wiggans not far behind in 1.37.43 and John Wiggans 1.54.01.

The Yarrow Valley 10k Bluebell Trail provided the seasonal views of the woodland with Lee Lawrenson our first runner home in 56.42 followed by Louise Withnell 75.34, Wendy Rogerson 75.35, Nicola Patterson 75.35, Jessica Campbell 78.01, Katy Cleece 78.02.

Gail Bristo travelled to Wales for the Llangollen 10Trail Race and Phil Davidson took on the Gt Hameldon Hill Race near Accrington finishing in 56.22.

Lytham Inter Club results.

Lytham Interclub – PROVISIONAL

Simon Croft M 00:27:29
Philip Marsden M-45 00:28:42
Daniel Hughes M 00:29:11
James Simon M 00:29:37
David Parkinson M-50 00:30:33
Carla Davies F 00:30:54
Gareth Case M 00:30:55
Duncan Anderson M 00:31:03
Gary Corcoran M-45 00:31:13
Joe Swarbrick M-60 00:31:24
Frank Nightingale M-50 00:31:25
John Naylor M 00:31:55
Lee Quibell M 00:32:12
Paul Mounsey M 00:32:33
Barry Wheeler M 00:32:43
Stephen Woodruffe M-55 00:32:57
Stuart Smith M-40 00:32:58
Michael Hall M-50 00:33:10
Ben Donoghue M-40 00:33:12
Carly Edwards F 00:33:15
Andrew Christie M 00:33:33
John Allen M-55 00:33:34
Ian Croft M-50 00:33:50
Nicola Hughes F 00:33:53
Stuart Cann M-50 00:34:21
Alan Johnson M-55 00:34:25
Michael Oddie M-40 00:34:27
David Raynor M-55 00:34:44
Ben Smithers M 00:34:47
Liam Hooton M 00:35:22
Ray Taylor M-65 00:35:30
Stephen Robertson M-55 00:35:53
David Hooton M-60 00:35:54
Chris Corrigan M 00:35:59
Simon Morris M-40 00:36:04
Samantha Edwards F 00:36:08
Doug Bryden M-50 00:36:15
Simon Shaw M-55 00:36:21
Philip Butler M-50 00:36:50
Laura Houghton F 00:37:04
Philip Dean M-55 00:37:20
Imtiaz Patel M-50 00:37:23
Steve Murphy M-45 00:37:25
Ian Wharton M-50 00:37:36
Ann Cleave F-55 00:37:52
Sue Brookes F-40 00:38:14
Natalie Moore F-35 00:38:31
Steven Moon M-40 00:38:40
Aimee Grime F 00:38:48
Tim Nuttall M-45 00:39:00
Jon Royal M-55 00:39:04
Joel Stanier M 00:39:09
David Eaves M-50 00:39:23
Gary Turner M 00:39:24
Pauline Moorcroft F-55 00:39:28
Bernard Mitchell M-55 00:39:54
Alison Parkinson F-50 00:40:17
Carol Douglass F-70 00:40:30
Natalie Lewis F 00:40:44
Gail Bristo F-45 00:40:47
Joan Gouldthorpe F-65 00:41:17
James Hughes M-45 00:41:18
Paula Plowman F-50 00:41:23
Kathryn Abbott F-50 00:41:58
Glynis Leo F-35 00:42:08
Hannah McCusker F 00:42:09
Faisal Ali M 00:42:27
Melanie Lowe F-35 00:42:37
Steven Pickering M 00:42:46
Andy Speer M-50 00:43:08
Sue Tonge F-60 00:43:25
Amanda Cutler F-50 00:43:31
Mary Conway F-55 00:43:38
Alison Mercer F-55 00:43:44
Esther Stanier F 00:43:47
Judi Ingham F-45 00:44:38
Anees Shaikh M-55 00:44:39
Helen Greenhalgh F-40 00:44:47
Louise Withnell F-45 00:45:00
Lisa Semley F-50 00:45:02
Kelly White F-40 00:45:03
Ramona Mulligan F-50 00:45:19
Neil Healy M-45 00:45:23
Paula Stell F-45 00:45:42
Gareth Fairey M-40 00:45:52
Magerat Worbey F-35 00:45:54
David Barnes M-50 00:46:07
Catherine Karn F-55 00:46:10
Olivia Sutch JF 00:46:46
Emily Ingham JF 00:46:47
Jessica Campbell F 00:46:48
Katie Cleece F 00:46:49
Jo Roberts F-50 00:46:57
Karen Smith F-40 00:46:58
Michael Hogarth M-55 00:47:12
Carol Heaton F-45 00:47:14
Gayle Cookson F-45 00:47:28
Toria Callaghan F 00:47:46
Joanna Dobson F 00:47:46
Amanda Berry F-55 00:47:59
Davina Bowling F-70 00:47:59
Leanne Finch F-35 00:48:11
Natalie Barber F 00:48:12
Carole Williams F-45 00:49:06
Sarah Watkins F-40 00:49:44
Jon Carberry M-55 00:49:45
Susan Heatley F-35 00:50:38
Laura Orrell F-40 00:50:58
Lisa Baron F-35 00:50:58
Andrew Ashcroft M 00:51:27
Richard Field M 00:52:08
Fiona Gutteridge F-35 00:52:47
Katie Johnson F 00:52:51
John Wiseman F-55 00:52:52
Helen Orson F-50 00:53:05
Ruth Watkinson F-45 00:53:44
Heidi Webber F-45 00:53:59
Ginette Philip F-45 00:54:49
Gina Biggs F 00:57:20
Dave Aspin M-70 01:02:26

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