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Amazing achievements this weekend. Spare a thought for Pita whilst out running this week. Read her story on

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So it turns out killing two birds with one stone isn’t always as productive as you might think. Tuesday the 12th of March 2019 – tea time. Weather presenting as sunny with cloud hanging about, winds, with some ferocious gusts. The temperatures feel in the minus in the gusts but pleasant when the sun makes …

The Wrexham Marathon was a crazy event. Wading through waist high water, twice, at 9 and 15 miles didn’t dampen the spirits of our runners and even produced PB performances. Richard Field was our first runner home in 3.54.49. Pauline Moorcroft was the 3rd F55 in a PB of 4.24.07. Personal Bests for Wendy Ward and Lorna Taylor of 4.38.47 resulted in them both taking 3rd place in their age groups. Katy Cleece finished her first marathon in 4.48.35 to be 4th F35, accompanied by her Liverpool Harrier Dad, Peter Simpson, who won the M70 prize. Louise Withnell ran 4.49.34 to be 4th F35 and David Hindle finished his first marathon in 4.53.35 to be 2nd M65.

The Cartmel Trail Race event had to consider the conditions and opted for their Emergency Route of 10k to replace the 18k distance. The Emergency Race event saw Stephen Woodruffe lead us home in 50.12, followed by Ian Croft 51.34, Nicola Hughes 53.03, Dan Hughes 53.03 and Lisa Hunt 63.08. In the Challenge event we had 13 runners. Chris Hargreaves 52.48, Dave Raynor 55.35,Iain Mitchell 56.13, Jonathan Evans 57.32, Alicia Croft 68.06, Austin Trelfa 70.19, Margaret Lupton 71.24, Martin Simpson 1.26.56, Lynn Melvin 1.26.56, Jenny Fairclough 1.27.32, Josephine Walsh 1.33.44, Nina Colquhoun 1.33.44,Tracy Woods 1.33.46. Those who entered the original 10k run were able to do the planned route. Shane Collins got home under the hour in 59.46 followed by John Wiseman 61.44, Brian Hanley 66.40, David Barnes 72.04, David Watson 1.26.30,Fiona Gutteridge 1.27.32.

It was a tad blustery at the Fleetwood Daffodil 10k but Sandra Rolston finished in 59.57, her first sub 60, and picked up a prize as 6th female finisher.

The Run Wigan festival attracted plenty of Red Rose Runners. Half Marathon results: Pete Battersby 1.37.01, Nigel Britton 1.43.49, Phil Berry 1.52.06, Ann Cleave 1.55.48, (3rd F55), Daniel Gregson 2.06.53, Laura Renke 2.06.54 Cat Holden 2.13.21.

Ten Mile results: Doug Bryden 1.26.14,James Hughes 1.26.47, Joydip Majumder 2.04.14.

5k results: Matt Holmes 6th in 17.35, Steve Willetts 13th in 19.12, Chris Charnley 19.48, Sam Edwards 1st SNR, 21.37, Jill Coates 27.35, 2nd F60, Caroline Houston 32.43, Julie Bentham 32.44, Rik Chippendale 36.31.

At the Cyprus Marathon event, Shane Cliffe ran a time 3.59.09. In the half marathon Davina Bowling finished in 2.18.08 and Amanda Berry 2.29.01. The 10k event saw Simon Croft in 5th position in 35.52, Natalie Moore 51.00, and Damian Clapham 75.02.

At Preston parkrun, Personal Bests were run by Karen Smith in 29.34 and Julie Longdon in 34.11. Gina Biggs ran a PB at Goole parkrun in 25.33 and Ben Smithers ran 24.31.

The Trimpell 20 miler is a customary preparation for the Spring marathons and Red Rose were well represented with about 20 runners. Anneke Crosby won her age category in 2.50.43.

Trimpell 20 Results 2019
41 02:19:46 383 Martin Joe Red Rose Road Runners M
55 02:22:40 455 Oddie Michael Red Rose Road Runners V45 M
145 02:43:22 553 Smithers Ben Red Rose Road Runners M
168 02:47:30 387 Mather Rob Red Rose Road Runners V45 M
184 02:49:19 427 Moon Steven Red Rose Road Runners V40 M
193 02:50:43 132 Crosby Anneke Red Rose Road Runners V50 F
194 02:51:08 440 Murphy Steve Red Rose Road Runners V45 M
235 02:56:26 331 Kenyon Lynne Red Rose Road Runners V50 F
305 03:05:47 66 Brookes Sue Red Rose Road Runners V40 F
306 03:05:47 62 Bristo Gail Red Rose Road Runners V45 F
347 03:11:56 126 Corrigan Chris Red Rose Road Runners M
373 03:18:35 42 Biggs Gina Red Rose Road Runners F
379 03:19:20 561 Stanier Esther Red Rose Road Runners V35 F
466 03:36:10 659 Worswick Jo Red Rose Road Runners V45 F
484 03:42:43 111 Clipston Kathleen Red Rose Road Runners V45 F
493 03:46:04 483 Pope Anthony Red Rose Road Runners V60 M
496 03:48:05 705 Ali Faisal Red Rose Road Runners M
512 03:51:51 21 Atkinson Emily Red Rose Road Runners F
536 04:06:09 110 Clayton Hannah Red Rose Road Runners F
537 04:06:09 272 Heaton Carol Red Rose Road Runners V50 F
538 04:06:11 532 Shaikh Anees Red Rose Road Runners V55

[weekly roundup 18 March 2019]

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