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The art of self motivation – Stu Cann

The art of self motivation – Stu Cann

Hi all as we’ve just had VE day and lots of talk of the great British bulldog spirit was in the air my thoughts turned to red so I decided to stick my head above the parapet and break radio silence to check in
I hope we find everyone fit and healthy in what can only be described as strange times
I’ve been impressed with the true Red Rose spirit being shown with the two big challenges that have been set for us on social media the first being Rainbow Sam’s colourful call which rather took off like a wild fire The challenge was to run or exercise every day wearing a colour of the rainbow set by Sam and post a picture with the final day being club tops As I recall there wasn’t a day where there was less than 60 pictures and some days over 70 Well done all and well done Sam
The second challenge is just finished and its thanks to Garreth Bell plus Andrea Davison and their fine helpers
The challenge is to donate food and other non perishable products to be shared between three nominated charities and he asked for volunteers to put a donation/collection box out at their homes the result was 16 volunteers/superstars creating drop off points which are spread around our area so all members can use their once a day exercise to visit one to donate whilst sticking to government guidelines This one has also took off in a massive way also with non members getting involved so its a massive thanks to all who have helped organised or donated You are all stars in true Red Rose fashion.

When the lock down started the mojo was sky high! time off work with one form of exercise a day allowed it seemed like heaven???? !!!!!! Thoughts did turn on how to stay motivated with only solo running and I must admit I did turn to headphones and music but thankfully avoided imminent death as there wasn’t much traffic around first thing in the morning (remember don’t try this at home headphones can be dangerous) I thought of varying routes and trying out untried footpaths but I felt guilty and tried to stick to known routes around Avenham and the river

In the beginning the plan was to run with the four legged hound one day and cycle the other day alternating the two to avoid injury
The dogs mojo went out of the window almost immediately with reverse gear being selected on our street on day two and then taking to her bed when spotting my running gear so a rethink on the training strategy was needed.

I picked a four mile run route and the plan was to run this fairly fast every time and throw in the odd long one at a much slower pace and cycle the guild wheel on the alternate days This was going fine until I picked up a back injury so running put on hold and the the mojo hitting an all time low.

A lay off was quite frustrating but needed so it was down to a once a day WALK with the dog and quite a few lengths of the back garden pushing the lawnmower Not long after the back cleared up I had to return to work so seeing as the dog always won the vote for the once a day it was out with the turbo trainer and youtube in the kitchen cycling with the big boys its funny how animals have a way of communicating ,swinging from the light shade does speak volumes.

My original training plan with the four mile route was to run this three times Monday Wednesday and Friday at a fast pace keeping track of the times and trying to stick to some sort of structure and after those three runs put in a longer slow one on Sunday just to turn the legs over and enjoy being out.
Rather than just running the thought was if I gave myself something to aim for I wouldn’t get bored with it and it did seem to work the pace has to be quick yet not too quick to risk injury remember its training not a race.

When the end is in sight I may try this sort of plan to get back up to speed or there will always be the good old favourite parkrun which I find is the best way to keep an eye on my fitness levels
It has been nice to see lots of people who are new to running and cycling out and about and on every trip out they get the usual shout of good morning some still don’t reply and I’m not sure if they are ignorant or just on the very edge and not able to speak but at least they are out and trying so hats off to all ,hope you all keep it up.

Not sure when our season will get going again or if it will at all this year but rest assured we will be back so keep training and most of all keep enjoying your running
Looking forward to more of the challenges on social media Stay safe and well everyone races will come back.

Stu Cann
Check my hairstyle (this is what happens when you let your hair grow wild )

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