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Manchester to Blackpool Virtual Relay

Manchester to Blackpool Virtual Relay

Please click the below link to see the final Red Rose team entries to Manchester to Blackpool virtual relay. We will be competing against the other interclub series clubs.


The rules of the virtual relay are fairly simple. I have copied the guidance notes below, but the gist of it is that you will be allocated a distance to run (hopefully matching your preference), which you will then need to run and record between Friday 17th and Sunday 19th July. I would recommend saving the run as a Strava, Garmin or similar activity, or get a screenshot or photo of the activity on a watch or phone. I will sort out the other elements of the arranging of teams, submitting results etc.

Please don’t worry about the ‘cut offs’. These are what would have applied during the actual event. If your time is slower than the cut-off, you will be awarded the cut-off time for the distance you run and your result will still count as being part of the team.

As this is a virtual run, where you run the segment is entirely up to you – all that matters is to run the allocated distance and record it.

I will arrange a separate means for submitting results later in the week.

Some of the distances are quite similar, so you may be able to run with someone else from the club on a social-distanced basis for a bit of encouragement. Stay safe and have fun!


John Naylor




Guidance notes and stage distances


Stage Route Distance Cut Off Time
1 Heaton Park to Clifton Memorial 4.7 50 Mins
2 Clifton Memorial to Burnden Park 4.7 50 Mins
3 Burnden Park to Greenwood Hotel 5.5 55 Mins
4 Greenwood Hotel to Yarrow Bridge 5.2 55 Mins
5 Yarrow Bridge to Leyland 6.1 60 Mins
6 Leyland to Much Hoole 6.4 70 Mins
7 Much Hoole to Preston Docks 6.6 70 Mins
8 Preston Docks to Warton 6.7 70 Mins
9 Warton to St Annes 5.3 55 Mins
10 St Annes to Blackpool Squires Gate 4.2 45 Mins
Total Time 55.4
  • All Runners to participate at their own risk and as part of their normal training run;


  • Stages, based on the 2000 Manchester to Blackpool distances, to be completed on either Friday 17th, Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th July 2020.


  • It is not expected that runners complete the actual route, as they will possibly have changed in terms of runnability since 2000, but one of the same distance in their locality at any time on the 3 allocated days;


  • All Clubs to appoint their own Team Coordinator(s) who should forward Team Declarations – to Nick by 12.00 Thursday 16th July.


  • Team Categories:


  1. “A” Team – Must contain 1 Lady, 1 V40, 1 V50 & 1 V60 and 6 others;

The Vet can be Male or Female but must be in the appropriate Category Age Range.


2. Masters Team (Male M40+);


3. Masters Team (Female F35+);


4.Open Team – those not included in above.


  • Virtual Awards Based on “A” Team, Masters Male & Masters Female;


  • Runners to forward ELAPSED Time, NOT Moving Time, to their Team Coordinator who will collate and forward the Team Times to the organiser by close Monday 20th July (if possible).


  • Clubs can enter as many Teams as they wish in Categories 2,3 and 4. Incomplete Teams are allowed but missing stages would be allocated the Cut-off Time;


  • This is a fun event and is based on the honesty of those taking part.


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