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Junior Runner of the Year 2021 – Voting

Junior Runner of the Year 2021 – Voting

Junior Runner of the Year 2021


Please find below the nominations for Junior Runner of the Year 2021. Nominations were open to Red Rose Road Runners members only.

Voting is now closed (as at 5PM 23.04.22). Thanks for everyone that took the time to nominate and/or vote.

The winner will be announced at the Family sports day / Junior Presentation afternoon, to be held in May – details to follow.

Jack Cleece

Jack is about to reach 25 parkruns, which is absolutely fantastic! He turns up every week to parkrun / junior parkrun and training. He always has a smile on his face no matter what the weather!

I like how Jack always tries to do his best.


Michael Shone

Michael joined in September and since then has completed every race. My nomination is specifically because he has at park run and another race run with a younger member to help them and get them round. This has meant his times have not been his best, however his attitude has been what the running club is really about.


Tegan Bentley

Always turns up with a smile, and gives 100% on a Wednesday night (Tegan runs with the ‘returner’s run’ and encourages the adults also running this). and the events she competes in – Tegan has completed many junior parkruns, 5K parkruns as well as a variety of junior races and improved her times significantly in 2021.


Lucas Park

In [a fellow junior’s] words… “I think Lucas should win, for 3 reasons: 1. He’s really fast, 2. He’s really friendly, 3. He helps me get around the 5K parkrun.”

He’s a good runner and he’s super fast. He’s a good friend, he always plays with us and encourages us. He’s always at training and always gives his all with a constant smile on his face.


Ethan Collings

Because he has done his first parkruns this year and when he fell over he managed to carry on and finish the parkrun.


Emma Moon 

She’s a fast runner, but always encourages others too and always has a smile on her face.


Daniel Smith

He is 15 years old and a fantastic runner, putting the miles and effort into his training. He is an inspiration to others, as well as kind and generous, often giving up his Sunday mornings to volunteer for junior parkrun so younger runners can run.

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