Competition Races and Results 2016

Prizes for 2016

The prizes for 2016 were awarded at Presentation Evening.

Final Standings for 2016

Competition Current Standings
Championship championship-2016-11-16
Grand Prix GranPrix 2017-03-13
Fell Championship Fells 2017-01-03
Juniors Juniors 2017-01-22


Date Race Results
10th Jan Garstang 10k  Garstang 2016-07-14
25th Mar Calder Vale 10  Caldervale 2016-07-14
3rd Apr Darwen Heritage Half Marathon  Darwen 2016-07-14
8th May Blacksticks Blue 10k  Blacksticks 2016-07-14
11th Jun Bendrigg 10k  Bendrigg 2016-07-14
10th Aug Chorley Inter Club  chorley_interclub-2016-09-22
9th Oct Vernons 4  vernons-2016-10-27
6 Nov Derwentwater 10  derwentwater-2016-11-16

Grand Prix

Date Race Type Results
$ Series Race. You can run it once, or multiple times, but your best time will be counted.
20th Feb Standish Hall Trail Race Trail  Standish 2016-07-14
13rd Mar Roddlesworth Roller Trail  Roddlesworth 2016-07-14
30th Apr The Cake Race Fell  CakeRace_GP 2016-07-14
30th May Fishwick 5 Trail  Fishwick 2016-07-14
*18th Jun Pilling 10K$ Road  See results for Pilling series below
*9th Jul Pilling 10K$ Road  “
16th Jul Pendle Family Running Festival Half Marathon Road  Pendle 2016-07-25
*20th Aug Pilling 10K$ Road  See results for Pilling series below
*10th Sep Pilling 10K$ Road  “
*18th Sep Yarrow Valley 10k Trail  yarrow_valley-2016-09-22
*15th Oct Pilling 10K$ Road  pilling-2016-11-16
1st Oct Astley Park (First Cross Country of 2016 / 2017 Season) Cross Country  crosscountry-2016-11-16

Fell Championship

Date Race Results
30th Jan Hoofstones  Hoofstones 2016-07-14
30th Apr The Cake Race  CakeRace_Fells 2016-07-14
28th May Hutton Roof Crags  HuttonRoof 2016-07-14
16th Jun Aggies Staircase  Aggies 2016-07-14
27th Aug Pendleton  pendleton-2016-09-22
10th Sep Hodder Valley Show  hodder_valley-2016-09-22
*20th Nov Arnside Knott  Arnside 2017-01-03
11th Dec Mytholmroyd  Mytholroyd 2017-01-03

Inter Club Road and Fell

See the Interclub results page for 2016

Junior Championship

Date Race Results
Each Sat Any Cuerden Valley parkrun  CuerdenParkrun 2017-01-22
Each Sat Any Preston parkrun  PrestonParkrun 2017-01-22
13 Mar Daffodil Doddle  Daffodil 2017-01-22
15 May Worden Park Fun Run  WordenPark 2017-01-22
16 Jul Pendle Running Festival Children’s race  Pendle_Juniors 2017-01-22
18 Sep Yarrow Valley 1 mile kids fun run  Cancelled