Fell Championship Rules

  1. All fully paid up club members shall be eligible to compete in the Fell Championship.
  2. Fell races are organised under the Fell Runners Association (FRA) Rules for Competition and members must obey these rules and procedures and any additional rules drawn up by the race organisers for each fell race. A subcommittee shall be appointed to select the events from which this championship will be held.
  3. Members must also note that they should take primary responsibility for their own safety on the fells and will be required to carry protective clothing, some of which is mandatory, for certain race categories.
  4. The Fell Championships shall consist of 8 events and points will be awarded using the same rules as for the Club Championship, namely 1 point for the first Red Rose finisher, 2 points for second and so on. The member’s best four events will count and the member with the lowest total wins. In the event of a tie, the scores from other events will be taken into account.
  5. Awards will be made to the first two senior men and the first two senior ladies and the first in the veteran categories Vet 40, 50, 60 and 70 men and ladies. If a veteran takes first place overall, then the veteran’s category award will be given to whoever came second in the category. No person may win more than one trophy. All trophies remain the property of the club.
  6. All members competing in the Fell Championship event MUST wear either a club vest, which is a red vest with a horizontal white band carrying the wording Red Rose Road Runners or either the short sleeved or the long sleeved red tee shirt with the white band which carries the same logo. Points can only be scored when running in a Red Rose vest, tee or long sleeved shirt.
  7. A full list of the coming season’s events will be published in December on the Clubs Web page.
  8. A results secretary shall be elected each year. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that he/she is entered correctly in the results of any event. The Fell Championship secretary must be notified of any mistakes or omissions within two weeks of the official results being published. After this time a member may forfeit the right to claim points for that particular event.
  9. No member may claim points from any race if he/she has completed the race using someone else’s number.

Amended November 2015