Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is Red Rose’s handicap competition. It allows members of all ages and abilities to compete on a broadly equal footing. The rules are designed to reward performance improvement and participation.  All club members over the age of 16 are eligible to compete in the Grand Prix.

It consists of 8 events, of varied disciplines. These races are organised by outside authorities and may not be free to enter. You are expected to pay your own entry fee when required.

Club kit must be worn (you are reminded that all members are required to wear a club vest, short or long sleeve top in all competitions). Any member not wearing club kit will be counted as last placed.

For further information, see the full rules.


For the 2018 season we had a new handicap calculation.  We will be using this for the 2019 competition.

Your handicap will be calculated based on your best 10k time for each of the last 3 years as listed on the Power of 10 website. These 3 best 10k times will be averaged and used to calculate your recent Best Average 10k Pace in minutes per Km. This will then be used to compare your performance in each Grand Prix race for the current season. The comparison is in the form of a ratio (Best Average Pace/Race Pace). For example, if your Best Average Pace is 05:00 mins per Km and you run a 10k in 60 mins (which works out to be 06:00 mins per km) the ratio will be 5/6.

If you have not had 3 year’s worth of results then 2 year’s will be used and failing that the results from 1 year if they are all that is available. If no 10k results are available then other race results will be used and weighted to give a subjective estimate of your Best Average 10k Pace.

On those rare occasions where you do not have any useable results then the Results Secretary will make an estimate of your Best Average 10k Pace based on your perceived ability.

All estimates of Best Average 10k Paces will be reviewed by the committee.  The committee will, at their sole discretion, set the pace to be used for the season.


For each Grand Prix race the runner with the highest ratio will be awarded 30 points, 29 points for next highest and so forth. If more than 30 runners compete then subsequent runners will score 1 point.

Men and ladies will be scored on a separate scale.


Trophies will be awarded to the first three men and ladies with the highest points total from all eight races and are awarded at the presentation evening each year.

Grand Prix 2019

Grand Prix 2018

Date Race Type Results
$ Series Race. You can run it once, or multiple times, but your best time will be counted.
21st Jan The Mast Race Road & Fell Icy conditions. Organisers postponed the race to 27th May 2018 on safety grounds.
31st Mar Rivington Pike Fell Rivington Pike Fell Race
4th Apr Blackpool Interclub Road Blackpool Interclub Grand Prix Results
13th May Race to Remember(Race information link) Trail Race to Remember
27th May The Mast Race Road & Fell The Mast Race
7th Jun Cuerden Valley Badger Trail$ Trail  See results for series after final race on 2nd Aug
5th Jul Cuerden Valley Badger Trail$ Trail  See results for series after final race on 2nd Aug
12th Jul Calder Vale 4 Mile Supper Run Trail Calder Vale
2nd Aug Cuerden Valley Badger Trail$ Trail The Badger 10K Trail Series
16th Sep English Half Marathon Road English Half Marathon
4th Nov Through the Villages Road Through The Villages                Through The Villages – Race Photos

Historical results

The results of all the recent competitions and most of the competitions since the club started in 1982 can be found here.