Inter Club Grand Prix

Every year, Red Rose Road Runners take part in a series of seven races of between four and five miles with six other clubs from the Fylde and Preston areas. These races are held monthly from April to September and are free to enter. This is known as the Inter Club Grand Prix Road Series and the other participating clubs are:

  • Blackpool, Wyre & Fylde AC
  • Chorley
  • Lytham St. Annes RR
  • Preston Harriers
  • Thornton Cleveleys RC
  • Wesham RR

All Red Rose Road Runners members are eligible to run in these races, you just turn up at the start and run. Club kit must be worn (you are reminded that all members are required to wear a club vest, short or long sleeve top in all competitions). In the 2016 season the organisers introduced the requirement to wear a pre-allocated race number. Please make sure you attach this to your Red Rose running top and bring it to each of the races. We only get one number per person so make sure you look after it.

Early in the year the Membership Secretary sends a list of the members to the organisers of the Interclub. They order the numbers and allocate numbers to names and give us a spreadsheet with the allocations and a big pile of numbers to hand out. The numbers will be given out at club training evenings in the weeks prior to the first Interclub race.

Please do not pick up a number unless you plan to do at least one interclub race in the season.

The numbers which we have not yet handed out will be taken to each Interclub race and a Red Rose volunteer will be on hand to hand them out. If you are picking up a number at an Interclub race then please remember to bring pins and be early. The Red Rose volunteer will probably want to compete in the race and will need time to get to the start of the race so please do not be expecting to pick up your number five minutes before the race.

The races are for all affiliated First Claim Club members aged 15 or over on race day.  The races are run in a spirit of fun, as well as being quite competitive.   Guests may be allowed at the discretion of the host Race Director. Guest runners should seek permission from the host Race Director before the race and must be affiliated to the UKA.  Unattached members may not compete.  Those are the Interclub rules, not Red Rose’s.

After each race, there is usually a buffet provided which is free.


There are six team categories, as well as overall individual awards in the usual age groups, plus there are awards for juniors.

Open First 10 to count, any age, any sex
Ladies First 5 to count
Vets First 6 men over 40 or women over 35 to count
Ladies Vets First 5 women over 35 to count
Vet 50 First 4 over 50 to count, either sex
Vet 60 First 3 over 60 to count, either sex


1st team 7 points, 2nd team 6 points… 7th team 1 point.

Individual Winners

Lowest total positions at 4 of the 6 races win individual trophies overall and in each age group. Prizes go to first 4-5 in the open men’s, 3 in open women’s and between 1 and 3 in the veteran categories.

These are awarded at the buffet following the first event of the following season.

Upcoming Races – 2022



6th April Blackpool
12th May Lytham
15th June Preston
28th June Thornton Cleveleys
18th July Wesham
10th August Chorley
7th September Red Rose