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Off-Road Championship

Off-Road Championship

Over recent years there have been an increasing number of suggestions for trail races.  As the Championship is a road only competition, the only place we could fit these in on out calendar was on the Grand Prix.  Due to the changes we are making to the Grand Prix, we were further limited by how many we could include.  So this year we are resuming trialling a new Off-road Championship (this was first attempted in 2020, but stopped after 2 races due to Covid-19 restrictions).  This will be similar to our other championships in that it will consist of combination of 8 trail, fell and cross country races with your best 4 scores counting.  We will be reviewing this next year and if there is enough participation, will keep it going forward.

In addition to the Championship which takes part on road races, the club also holds a similar competition for off-road races. All club members over the age of 18 are eligible to compete in the Off-Road Championship.

The competition consists of 8 off-road races held throughout the year, and may include races selected for the Inter Club Fell Championship. These races are held by outside authorities. These races are not free and you are expected to pay your own entry fee. Those that are fell races are organised under the Fell Runners Association (FRA) Rules for Competition.

Club kit must be worn (you are reminded that all members are required to wear a club vest, short or long sleeve top in all competitions). Any member not wearing club kit will be counted as last placed. You may also be required to carry additional kit and protective clothing during any fell races (see Kit for the Fells for details). Organisers may disqualify runners with inadequate kit.

You are responsible for your own safety on the fells and must obey any additional rules and procedures drawn up by the race organisers.


1st Red Rose male finisher 1 point, 2nd Red Rose male 2 points and so forth until the final Red Rose finisher. Ladies will be scored separately using the same criteria.

There is no limit to the number of members who may score points in any race.

Off-Road Championship 2023/4

Standing will appear here after the second race. For standings after 1 race, see the points in the results below.

Date Race Results
08/04/23 Wardle Skyline Here


Final Standings 2022/3

Off-Road Championship 2022/3

Date Race Results
10th May 2022 Mearley Clough Fell Race Here
28th May 2022 Hutton Roof Fell Race Here
9th June 2022 2 Lads Fell Race Here
26th June 2022 Trawden 7 Here
16th July 2022 Ingleborough Fell Race Here
19th November 2022 Harriers vs. Cyclists Here
17th December 2022 Turkey Trot Here
12th March 2023 Roddlesworth Roller Here