Red Rose Junior Survey February 2023

We need your name to verify that you are a parent or guardian of a Red Rose Junior. Please submit one survey only. If you have two or more children that are members, there is a separate part of the form to note that and that will be considered (e.g. 3 children = 3 counts towards consideration for juniors).
Please enter the name(s) of your child/children that are registered with Red Rose
How many juniors?
What was the frequency of your junior's attendance of training, if they attended. If you have multiple juniors with differing levels of attendance, please state at the end in the comments.
Have your children participated in the Junior Championship in the last year? If there are multiple juniors and the participation level varies, please state this in comments at the end.
DBS Check information:
Your email address - this should match the email address we hold for you as the parent/guardian of the Junior(s).