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Runners’ Runner of the Year 2016 Voting

Voting has now closed for the 2016 Runners’ Runner of the Year. It will return next year.

The following people have been nominated for the 2016 Runners’ Runner of the Year.  Please vote for the person you think should win the award at the bottom of the page.

Voting will end on Sunday 29th January, 1 vote per person and you can vote for yourself.

A trophy will be awarded to the winner at the presentation evening along with the other club awards.


Barry Wheeler

I would like to nominate the 6ft 2in Giraffe that is Barry Wheeler for inspiring a rapidly fading 54 year old to keep going, whether it be on the track, in the Championship, on the fells or the interclub races throughout the year.

Barry was instrumental in encouraging the speed sessions a few years back which Steven Gore and I started down at the docks and I know more recently he has put a lot of work in with Thursday group from The Poachers. It allows other runners to make gains from learning from one another. This extra group is a good and welcome addition. In addition to becoming a Dad for the first time, Barry has this year stormed the Fell Championship and does a lot of work conglomerating results for the club.

He’s always there in the red vest

Claire Shaw

Amazing improvement throughout the year with her speed. Always unwavering support, full of encouragement and praise for all fellow red roses.

Eric Ward

As one of our youngest members Eric has been a personal inspiration to me and I am sure, others too. Battling race/run day struggles such as injuries and poor form, is hard, but to run whilst battling an ongoing medical condition which affects your persona and senses in ways many do not understand, is something else. Eric has been a regular parkrunner and deservedly won Cuerden Valley’s parkrunner of the year. As the father of a son with learning difficulties on a lower scale to Eric, I am exceptionally aware of the great achievement it is for Eric to run so brilliantly and be so happy in doing it. With all due credit to every great runner in the club, it would mean more to Eric to win this than anyone. This is no sympathy nomination, it is a genuine nomination for a deserved junior member of the club.

Finty Royle

2016 was a year of challenges for Finty that most of us would struggle to battle. Finty has shown a determination and comittment not only to her running but to her health and well being. Having to take a large period of time out of running and cycling – the two sports Finty enjoys the most, to get her health back on ‘track’ has meant that Finty has missed out on some great running and racing opportunities. This has not deterred her spirit or indeed her ambition to be the best she can be. Finty made a comeback to her most loved sport by not only getting several podium finishes in local races but also achieving the honour of running in a Lancashire vest for the Cross Country challenge in March 2017. A humble, talented and inspirational young lady who will not only do herself proud but also her beloved running club Red Rose.
An inspirational runner, a committed athlete who’s journey to the top has only just begun! Go Finty!

Gina Biggs

She has achieved an incredible amount with all the marathons she ran last year. She also has ran continuously every day even though sometimes only a small amount for the whole year!

Helen Greenhalgh

She is always very supportive to every runner whether they are a beginner or advanced runner. She is very friendly and makes you feel part of the club. She is becoming more confident with her running and is improving all the time.

John Naylor

Marathons, ultras, 10k all pb.  Awesome red rose season.

Julie Thorley

Julie is very committed to the club as Secretary. She spends a vast amount of her own time on club business. She is a valuable asset to the club. Her time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

She attends and minutes the monthly Committee meetings and AGM’s, organises and leads trail runs, Red Rose Olympics, delivers clothing to people at races, attends regular training sessions as well as marshalling and volunteering at various events.

A fantastic runner with years of knowledge and experience, is always supporting and encouraging others, approachable and a very friendly lady who is always smiling.

Kate Bosman

For once again sacrificing her own running to enable the Juniors section to continue. For encouraging new people to lead the Juniors section.

Katie Johnson

Some brave running this year.

Lee Burton

Lee’s performances have improved so much and he has done this whilst over coming cancer, which is now under surveillance. He is also a great ambassador for the club and has been so friendly to new comers, including myself. He has been very supportive whenever I have spoken to him.

Lee is one of the most improved runners over the past 12 months and has successfully completed 2 marathons and he is a great example of what can be achieved.
Also Lee is very enthusiastic and considerate towards other runners and he helps fellow runners achieve their goals on a regular basis.

Peter O’Grady

I would like to nominate Pete for the huge amount of work he puts into the RRRR beginners groups which run two or three times a year. Pete leads the group with enthusiasm and is supportive and knowledgeable, enabling many people who have never run to develop confidence and to tackle a 5k parkrun, which many of them would never have thought possible. Pete continues to encourage the beginners to attend further run sessions with Red Rose, and is an ongoing source of support. In addition, Pete leads the Friday morning runs which are proving to be increasingly popular. Pete deserves recognition for the hard work he puts into the club and thoroughly deserves to be nominated.

Pete O’Grady would be a very deserving recipient for the Runner’s Runner of the Year award. Since introducing the bi-annual beginners’ Couch to 5k course, he has now successfully run 6 courses, all of which culminate in a ‘graduation’ run at Avenham parkrun. The course is such fun, that the beginners hardly realise that each week they are gradually increasing their distance and the confidence building games and Pete’s exceptional approach to the training regime, has resulted in many of the graduates transitioning to the main training groups and joining the club.

In addition to his excellent training skills, Pete has also introduced the Friday morning runs from Avenham cafe, which have steadily grown in popularity over the last 3 years. The runs are cunningly named according to significant landmarks e.g. the ‘mattress run’ (dreaded by one and all because of the big hill involved, at the top of which, can usually be found a discarded mattress) and the ‘wine glass run’ (duly named because of the cunningly sculpted shrubs en route). A favourite run recently, was the festive run in fancy dress, which incorporated a cheeky stop in a car park, where Pete and Marion kindly dispensed mulled wine (both alcoholic and non alcoholic), mince pies and a twinkly mini Chrismas tree in the boot of the car! Nice touch and much appreciated too!

Apart from organising the two running groups, Pete has worked really hard this year to develop the liaison between Red Rose and Run Geek to update and introduce a great new range of running clothing for the club. Like all the committee members and volunteers in the club, Pete carries out his tasks with an abundance of good nature and use of his free time to make sure things run smoothly for the club and its growing membership.

Taking all of the above into account, Pete is certainly one of the people who should be considered for the award.

Roger Johnson

Collating results and tables and handicaps and route planning every Thursday training session.

Simon Croft

Simon has just got better and better all year round. Fought off challengers to win the championship and seems to just get faster and faster. Great addition to Red Rose!!

Sharon Birkbeck

There’s too many amazing people to choose from but for me it’s Sharon she is so supportive to everyone she really looked after me after a panic attack at a race and I know she would do the same for any of the gang . To me she is what this club is all about… support x

Steve Taylor

Organising the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge got us all motivated.  Encouraging everyone and all round lovely chap who encapsulates the Red Rose spirit!

Steve is always a welcoming face at parkrun and the weekly club runs.

Stuart Cann

Stu seems to be at every event I attend, and hundreds more that I don’t. He has time for everyone, happy leading from the front or supporting people from the back. Always good to have a friendly face and someone who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Team Plowman (Paula and John Plowman)

I would like to nominate Paula and John Plowman jointly for the work they did in organising Cuerden Valley Cross Country in October. I must admit I was a bit sceptical at first when I heard that Red Rose were going to be hosting and organising a cross country event for the first time. This was because a) I didn’t think that Cuerden Valley was a good choice and b) that it would be too big an ask for the club to do. As we all know, the event proved to be a huge success with the athletes in terms of how good/tough the course was and also The Plowmans managed to get/cajole enough Red Rosers to marshall/set up/take down the course on the day. It was a pity that they were sunning themselves in Spain on the actual day and didn’t get to hear the fulsome praise the event received. It was a great event that gave a lot of kudos to the club. Well done and thank you Paula and John.

Nominations were also received for Stuart Cann.  He is grateful for the nomination, but as a previous winner of this award, they would like to see someone else recognised this year so have not been included in the above list.

Please vote for the person you think should win this award. Your vote will be anonymous, we only require your name to validate you are a club member.