2 Children

2.3 Do I need to affiliate my child?

It all depends on what races your child will compete in and what the race organisers require.

Cross Country:  Any Junior over the age of 11 on 31st August must be an Affiliated First Claim Club member of Red Rose to compete in the Mid Lancs Cross Country.  Under 11s do not require affiliation to compete.  The minimum age is 8 on 31st August.

Interclub:  The minimum age for the Interclub races is 14 on race day.  All runners must be affiliated First Claim Club members of Red Rose to compete for the club.

Other races:  In our experience no under 11 needs to be affiliated but it is up to each race organiser to set their own policy.

2.2 Why do I have to join if I want my child to join?

We charge only a nominal membership fee for under 16s.  We do however incur cost.  To help cover that cost we require the parent or guardian to join the club regardless of the extent to which the adult takes part in running.  In addition we want to encourage family participation in te life of the club.

2.1 Why do I need to accompany my child to training?

In UK law a child is anyone under the age of 18.  The club does not have the organisation in place to comply with the legal requirements of safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.  For this reason we require that all children and vulnerable adults are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian at all club training sessions and events.  The parent or guardian must be responsible for the safeguarding of their child at all times.