4 Communications

4.5 What are the club email contacts?

The welcome letter that you receive when you join the club has the email addresses of the club officials who might send you emails about the club. These people might be worth putting in your address book or safe senders list so emails from them don’t end up in your junk folder.

If you have lost the email then please use the contact form on this website.

4.4 How does the club communicate with its members?

We prefer to communicate electronically using email, the website and social media.

  • The club’s website is at http://www.redroseroadrunners.org The site has all sorts of useful club information including the normal times of training sessions, club calendar and competition results and advice. Check out the new Blog section.  There is a button to allow you to subscribe.  You can submit entries to blog@redroseroadrunners.org
  • The club has a Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/RedRoseRoadRunners which we use to communicate official club notices. Please go there and ‘Like’ it.  We do like to be liked!  The Facebook page has the latest news about training events and races.
  • We also have our Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/groups/265695165398/ This is the members’ forum which has a number of lively conversations on it as well as some great pictures.
  • We also have a Twitter account https://twitter.com/RedRoseRR
  • The club has a number of email lists that it uses to send information emails to the membership.

There are a small number of Postal Members who are people who have been with the club for a long time and do not have internet access.  We communicate with this group of members using the Royal Mail.  We do not anticipate increasing the number of Postal Members.

4.3 Why should I keep my postal address, email address or telephone number up to date?

If you do not keep your postal address up to date then you risk your England Athletics pack going astray.

If you do not keep your email address then you will not get any club information, newsletters, reminders etc.

If you do not keep your telephone numbers up to date then we have no means of contacting you if your email address fails.

I am not your Mum – It really is up to you.

4.1 What are the England Athletics club and athlete’s portals?

Each club affiliated to England Athletics can have access to the details of its registered members through a web browser.  Using the ‘Portal’ authorised officials of the club can access and update the details of club members as well as pay the affiliation fees for their First Claim Club members.

Athletes can access their own records using the Athlete’s Portal myATHLETICS. Use your URN as your username.