5 General

5.4 Why do I need my Competition Licence? Are there any discounts?

You do not need the card to come to training or other club events.  The card reminds you of your URN and allows members to prove they are club members and get discounts at local stores and therapists.

Currently we think the card can be used in the following stores

  • Cotswold Outdoor  15% off full priced items
  • Sweatshop  10% or greater off full priced items
  • Ultimate Outdoors 15% off full priced items

If you have a problem then let us know.

The card can also get you a discount for therapists.

  • Gus Muncaster of Performa Therapy will offer Red Rose members one third off their first consultation.  Performa Therapy is based in Leyland.  You can contact Gus on 0751 5572 156 if you want to make an appointment.
  • Mac McCormack of MJMTherapies will offer any Red Rose member 20% off all consultations.  Mac offers a range of services including Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Performance  Therapy.  See his website for details of all the services on offer.
  • Lee Lawrenson runs REALIGN, a sports injury and massage clinic popular with Red Rose members. Lee offers his fellow club members 10% off every session. You can contact Lee on realignpreston@gmail.com
  • Athlete Matters are a specialist Sports Physio service operating from two clinics, one in Preston and one in Worsley.  Athlete Matters offer club members a 10% discount on treatment.  You can contact them either through the phone numbers on their website or on their email address to arrange a consultation.
  • Nikki Sneddon runs Ribble Therapy and Beauty a mobile sports massage and beauty clinic.  Nikki also operates from Fulwood Leisure Centre and her base in Walton-le-Dale.  Nikki offers all members a £5 discount on each session which makes a 60 minute treatment £30 and a 30 minutes £20.  You can contact Nikki via the message option on her Facebook page

Alternative uses for your card…

  • You can flash it nonchalantly in front of your friends in an attempt to impress them.
  • You can use it to remind you of your URN
  • You can try to gain access to the press gallery at your local stadium.

At least one of these should work.

If you live in Preston and use one of the council gyms then you might want to ask the membership secretary or club secretary for a letter confirming membership. The council may give you a discount on annual membership of Westview and Fulwood Leisure centres on production of the letter or your England Athletics Competition Licence.  Since Preston sold all the leisure centres to Better we are no longer sure if this works.  Try and let us know.

5.3 Headphones?

Many race organisers are following the new England Athletics rules of competition and banning the use of headphones on safety grounds.  The logic is that you are far less likely to hear traffic, instructions from marshals and warnings from other runners.

The detail of these new rules can be found here.  Search the .PDF for rule 240.  At the time this FAQ was last updated (Feb 2017) the rule said


The wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic. This restriction does not apply to races held on dual carriageways provided that there are clear, structured separations between the separate carriageways. Competition Providers of races held entirely on roads closed to traffic may apply this condition where appropriate to local circumstances.

The club does not ban the use of headphones at training sessions but we do encourage you to talk to one another and headphones get in the way of that so we prefer it if you didn’t wear them when training with us.

When you are on your own then it is your choice but for safety we think there are good grounds for not using them if you are running in areas where you may encounter cycles or vehicles.

5.2 Have you any safety tips?

Look twice before crossing roads and on country lanes make sure you can be seen on blind corners.  If you run in the dark then wear something bright and reflective.  If you have one wear a running torch.

Dress appropriately on track and trail runs and carry sensible kit.  Remember that the weather and your circumstances can change suddenly.  If you are out in the countryside or on the hills and you get even a minor injury then you may risk hypothermia.

5.1 How can I help the club?

You can help the club in many ways including

  • Volunteering your time to help run the club
  • Being an active member, racing, training and socialising with your Red Rose friends
  • Running in your Red Rose vest at races
  • Encouraging and helping others
  • Representing the club at the Interclub and Cross Country
  • Being welcoming to other members
  • Bringing other people along and introducing them to running
  • Being the best you can be
  • Marshalling at events
  • Helping out with providing something for the buffet at the Interclub

The club is only as good as its members.