1 Joining

1.5 Does the club issue a membership number?

The club does not issue any membership number.  Instead we use the member’s URN (Unique Runner’s Number) which is assigned by England Athletics.  Sometimes this is called your EA number.  Your URN does not change from year to year.  In fact, if it does then there is something wrong and you should contact the club’s Membership Secretary.

1.4 Can I bring friends?

Do please tell your friends about the club and encourage them to come along for taster runs – we are always seeking new members.

1.1 May I come for a Taster Session?

Please do come and join us for a few sessions.  Look at the training page to see what might suit you and then come down and see how things work.

Your obligations are to:

  • Be in the right place ready to run on time.  The locations of the training sessions are published under training.  If you cannot work out where to go then read training. Did I mention looking at training?
  • Come dressed sensibly for the weather and season.  Don’t come on a dark rainy night dressed head to toe in black with no torch.  In the darker months wear high viz, flashing light bands and bring a head torch if you have one.
  • Talk to the Run Leaders.  Make sure they know you are a guest and what your limitations are.  They will be able to advise you on how things are done and which of the options on offer might be suitable for you.
  • On most runs we will take a register of guests.
  • Talk to people.  Talk to as many people as you can, introduce yourself and make sure you find out who the run leaders are.  Make friends.
  • Listen to what people say especially if you are warned to get off the road or run in single file.  You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Be courteous to other road and path users. You are running with the club and your behaviour reflects on us. Be wary of pedestrians, dog walkers, cyclists, bins left out for collection and cars, especially when crossing junctions and driveways.
  • Be accepting of everyone’s level.  We all began somewhere.  If you are just beginning then do not be embarrassed.
  • Do not try too hard or over extend yourself.  If you do you risk hurting yourself and you won’t be back next week.  Increase your pace and distance slowly and incrementally.
  • Have fun, smile, do your best and enjoy it all.

If you like it then join