6.6 How do I get my name in the race reports?

6.6 How do I get my name in the race reports?

Joe Swarbrick, collates members’ involvement in races and submits an article to the Lancashire Evening Post.  If the LEP editors approve they publish it in the sports section, often under an outrageously cheesy headline. These articles show we are an active club and generate interest.

Joe gets his information from races he participates in or from people he knows in the club who were present.

Please let Joe know by email if you compete in a race that he is unlikely to know about. Perhaps you might also help him a little by offering a few words on the race as source material for his article.

Joe needs to submit his article by Monday evening for publication later in the week so you need to get news of weekend races to him promptly.

Joe’s email address was in your Welcome email.  If you have deleted that then use the contact form on this website.

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